Translation of nastiness in Spanish:


maldad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnæstinəs/ /ˈnɑːstɪnəs/

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  • 1

    maldad feminine
    • Sheer pig-headed ignorance, nastiness, mean-spiritedness and rudeness in my opinion.
    • The outrage it provoked was based on the seeming crudeness of the content and the sexist nastiness of the boy protagonists.
    • In more recent times, his nastiness has become more unpredictable.
    • It is glib and empty rationalising, which taken literally would imply that nastiness is a prerequisite for success.
    • But in the last series, it was enveloped in a miasma of nastiness.
  • 2

    (of accident)
    gravedad feminine
  • 3

    (of taste, smell)
    lo asqueroso
    lo repugnante