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nación, n.

Pronunciación /ˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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    nación femenino
    the British nation los británicos
    • We cannot allow ourselves to be dependent on other nations, history has taught us that.
    • The sooner we can distance ourselves from these artificial things known as nations the better.
    • We are after all talking about the richest, most powerful nation on Earth.
    • We all know that the United States became the wealthiest nation on earth.
    • We, the richest, most powerful nation on the planet, could solve our social problems in a heartbeat.
    • Critics acknowledge that some Western European nations have state religions.
    • Could the search for medicinal plants help keep the forests of this African island nation intact?
    • Thousands of plants and animals on the African island nation of Madagascar are found nowhere else in the world.
    • Developing nations do not have the resources to accomplish this on their own.
    • Most other industrialized nations privately agree they are necessary but are loath to step forward and be counted.
    • Even other advanced industrialized nations don't compare with the U.S. in this flexibility.
    • Developed nations across the globe have stockpiled smallpox vaccines.
    • The leading industrialised nations need to embark upon emergency transition strategy to renewable energy.
    • We are an Army at war, serving a nation at war.
    • In fact, you could argue that sanctions make rogue nations more hostile and more dangerous.
    • The surge of nationalistic solidarity sweeping the nation led his neighbors to strike their regionalist colors.
    • For the first time in financial history, a major debtor nation owes its debt in its own currency.
    • But the fledgling nation is facing a range of challenges.
    • The World War II memorial was dedicated this weekend in our nation's capital.
    • But how did we become the most powerful and radical nation on the planet?
    • What was it Napoleon said about the British being a nation of shopkeepers?
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    nación femenino