Translation of nation-state in Spanish:


estado-nación, n.


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    estado-nación masculine
    • The reliance on national governments and the nation state leaves the door open for the most reactionary forces.
    • Like neighbouring Mali to her west, Niger is not a nation state defined by one language and one race, but a Commonwealth of peoples.
    • The sovereign nation state, so the argument goes, leaves little social policy role for the European level.
    • If nationalism and the nation state were to some degree discredited on the Continent, they were vindicated in Britain.
    • The interests of the working class do not lie in the defence and protection of the national borders of the nation state.
    • They defend the framework of the nation state and often promote some form of nationalism or regionalism.
    • His argument is that the constitution of Europe will be a step towards the death of the nation state and towards the constitution of the multitude.
    • Fundamentally, their aim was to create a sovereign nation state.
    • It is just that the identity of the nation state will be defined far more by cultural identity than by economic identity.
    • One effect of this ability was a desire that history should serve the needs of the nation state in producing national histories.
    • Globalisation undermined the nation state system upon which capitalism is historically based.
    • The irony for nationalists is that the nation state is less able to deliver than ever.
    • Yet all of the old parties and organisations are rooted in the nation state.
    • As the first national political party, it was organically integrated into the very functioning of the nation state.
    • In the final analysis, the war resulted from the fact that in the epoch of world economy, the nation state was no longer viable.
    • Their editorial sought to remind Washington of Georgia's fragility as a functioning nation state.
    • Their answer to globalisation is a strengthening of the nation state.
    • The ruling class is bound with a thousand threads to the nation state.
    • This is a dangerous precedent to set since, after all, we are not the only nation state in the world.
    • Any attempt to force the world economy back into the corset of the nation state will inevitably end in a catastrophe.