Translation of national in Spanish:


nacional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnæʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /ˈnaʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (of country)
    our national anthem nuestro himno nacional
    • they were wearing their national costume ornational dress llevaban sus trajes típicos
    • the national debt la deuda nacional
  • 2

    (not local, regional)
    (news/team/organization) nacional
    (campaign/reputation) a nivel nacional
    they plan to go national tienen intención de empezar a operar a escala / a nivel nacional
    • The two-hour show was televised on the national network so the whole country could watch.
    • The national team turns the whole country orange and has a massive appeal to the fans.
    • But the underlining issue is the coverage the game as a whole receives from national media.
    • A sentimental identification with the underdog is one of our national characteristics.
    • It was like our whole dysfunctional national dream had played out in front of the world.
    • Rugby is the one thing New Zealanders are good at, and their whole national identity is wrapped up in it.
    • Others believe that the forging of a common national identity will help eliminate racism.
    • It is just a given, so the whole thing revolves and devolves down to the national interest.
    • Unison and strong voices are required to make a national issue of the whole fiasco!
    • It is a national characteristic that even when there is a cause to celebrate, we seek to undermine it.
    • A firm may even take some of its national characteristics with it when it ventures abroad.
    • For the game in Scotland as a whole, for the national team and even for the Old Firm, that is good news.
    • Europe is stuck, perhaps for generations to come, in the logic of national interest.
    • It is printed on the front page of every issue of the national newspaper, The Neutral Turkmenistan.
    • Such was the media indignation that his frightful suicide was not reported in any national newspaper.
    • We must note that the substantive role of the senators is to protect the national interest.
    • She has written a letter to a national newspaper about the disappearance of the cygnets.
    • I don't think they've even started thinking about a new national anthem.
    • Not only was he convinced that national unity was possible, but also desirable.
    • Maximizing their gains demands a disciplined and rational investment strategy that is truly national in its scope.


  • 1

    ciudadano masculine
    ciudadana feminine
    foreign nationals los ciudadanos extranjeros
    • Children of foreign nationals born prior to this date automatically received Irish citizenship.
    • This status affords less legal protection than foreign nationals would receive in China.
    • The outbreak of war also meant he had to return to Russia, as he was a foreign national in Germany.
    • Critics complain that the laws violate the human rights of foreign nationals.
    • The occupants of one of the cars were local while the occupants of the other vehicle were all believed to be foreign nationals.
    • English classes are available to foreign nationals, who wish to learn both spoken and written English.
    • Sixteen foreign nationals are currently being held under these conditions in UK prisons.
    • North Korea has admitted to abducting Japanese nationals in the 1970s and 1980s.
    • Currently he is only allowed to detain foreign nationals without trial.
    • Still, it is hard to defend detaining foreign nationals without charges or trial.
    • Three Pakistani nationals have now been arrested in London in connection with the seizure.
    • The marines had been hastily deployed to evacuate British nationals from the anarchy.
    • A Ministry of Defence spokesman insisted the troops were being sent only to evacuate British nationals.
    • She would not say if the law could also be extended to Chinese nationals living overseas.
    • The Cambodian government vowed to pay Thailand for the damage caused and to protect Thai nationals who returned.
    • One Saudi national was held for 119 days before being charged.
    • And up next, more than 3 million Mexican nationals live illegally in the United States.
    • Some nations confer citizenship if you marry a national of that country.
    • Britain is evacuating its nationals from the country.
    • Nationals of certain countries have to obtain a visa before travelling to Ireland.