Translation of national service in Spanish:

national service

servicio militar, n.


  • 1

    servicio militar masculine
    to do one's national service hacer el servicio militar
    • Like most private boys' schools in Britain, St. Albans School maintains a schoolboy army, the original aim of which was to prepare young men for national service.
    • But they were not liable to national service under the National Service Act, if that were to be reactivated.
    • He argues for serious consideration of a compulsory form of national service for American youth, including civilian as well as military service.
    • He has asked more non-Malays to apply for the military services and is planning a year's compulsory national service.
    • At first public opinion was behind the idea of peacetime conscription, or national service.
    • The people who do this dangerous work are often in their early 20s; straight out of the army after completing compulsory national service, and unable to get work anywhere else.
    • The Swiss Army Knife is no misnomer: national service is compulsory and all adult males are members of the Army Reserve, keeping a rifle at home.
    • Why aren't they advocating national service or universal conscription?
    • The politicians will always say it is just prohibitively expensive to have mandatory national service, either militarily or in domestic service.
    • In 1977 the period of national service demanded from young white men was extended from nine months to two years; they could be recalled for camps or commando service.
    • Aged 18 he lined up for his compulsory national service.
    • For instance, eighteen months of national service became compulsory for all men and women between the ages of eighteen and fifty-five.
    • If public-spiritedness is important, why not require a period of mandatory national service, as in most European counties?
    • He did his national service in the military hospital in Bermuda and then began his career in general practice.
    • Most citizens will never serve in the military - today's armed forces would not even know how to deal with compulsory national service.
    • Volunteering to become a sailor, soldier or airman in the years following the end of compulsory national service wasn't exactly a trendy thing to do.
    • While abandoned in the UK in 1957, compulsory national service has been retained in many European states.
    • He read English at Sheffield, which was followed by a period of national service in the Navy.
    • This concept of national service contrasts sharply with the history of private armies loyal to specific ethnic groups or individuals.
    • After national service with the Royal Army Service Corps, which took him to Tripoli, he returned to Keighley and became a supporter of the town's rugby league club.