Translation of Native American in Spanish:

Native American

indio americano, n.


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    indio americano masculine
    india americana feminine
    • Accordingly, it is less common in African Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans.
    • He said one of the most memorable couples he had married were Native Americans, a Blackfoot groom and a Cherokee bride.
    • African Americans and Native Americans share a complicated and not always easy history.
    • Even as a teenager, she had felt drawn to work with African Americans and Native Americans.
    • Maybe the Native Americans in central and South America should be allowed to sue Spain and Portugal?
    • An ancient form of travel, snowshoeing dates back in North America to early Native Americans.
    • Five papers on Native Americans in North America comprise the next section of the volume.
    • It's a faded picture of four aging Native Americans at the turn of the century in their indigenous dress.
    • But what about the flood legends of the Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines?
    • How would Americans feel if the Native Americans expelled everybody else from California and established an Iriquois homeland?
    • Prior to contact with European colonists, few Native Americans lived in urban settlements.
    • The second part focuses on the ways that Native Americans and Europeans adjusted to this new commerce.
    • The Committee is concerned that aboriginal rights of Native Americans may, in law, be extinguished by Congress.
    • The first genocide in modern history was committed by European immigrants on Native Americans.
    • Aboriginals and Native Americans both use fire to control the bush.
    • Similar laws are already in place for other Native Americans on the Canadian border, like the Mohawks.
    • British and French settlers in the north-east forced the Native Americans inland, as did the Spanish in the south-west.
    • It is also much more common in African and Native Americans than in Caucasians.
    • Frontiersmen were taken with the extent to which Native Americans enjoyed freedom as individuals.

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    • El término de más amplia aceptación para referirse a los pueblos indígenas de América y el Caribe. De acuerdo al Bureau of Indian Affairs, organización del gobierno de EEUU que trata todo los asuntos relacionados con los indios, existen en ese país cerca de 550 tribus que totalizan alrededor de 1,2 millones de personas. De estas cerca de un millón vive en reservaciones y cerca del 37% de estos están desempleados. Muchas reservaciones abren casinos basándose en el hecho de que pueden establecer sus propias normas.