Translation of natty in Spanish:


elegantón, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnædi/ /ˈnati/

See Spanish definition of genial

adjective nattier, nattiest

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    (outfit) elegantón informal
    he's a natty dresser va siempre muy peripuesto
    • And their teacher: he's a tall, very urbane and rather natty man, with a grave manner.
    • British playwright Noel Coward was natty and flamboyant, a born performer.
    • According to the nosy old woman next door, the victim took the room with a companion, a natty man answering to the name of ‘Frenchy’.
    • The slight, natty man with the wide smile and neat, shoulder-length dreadlocks commands the stage with undeniable charisma.
    • Thank you to the human who arrived in a natty blue uniform, removed the cover and climbed into the hole to lift us one by one into warm hands.
    • When he stood up his natty blue and white striped pants hung on his bony legs as he leaned on his cane.
    • And no longer do the staff wear boring olive green jackets, now they have natty blue ones.
    • We think this kid will indeed be serving his country in uniform, but it won't be the natty blue of the gendarmerie.
    • The hardliner who was once head of the police service, has scrapped his old military uniform in favour of dark glasses, trendy stubble and natty casual suits.
    • These come with a cute peep-toe and natty crochet trim
    • The show will have Harsha giving up his natty suits for cool denims and khakis while trailing some of the biggest names in sports.
    • It's over to Buerk, the original natty dresser (ever seen his beige suit and blue shirt combo?)
    • Cole was an impeccable dresser, a natty bon vivant locked in a jet-setter's fashion sense.
    • For something dramatic, the shop has gloves in navy with a natty magenta trim or purple and red pairs trimmed with rabbit fur.
    • I change it for one of my natty, stripey ties… Stylish!
    • Shoes were shopped for and shoes were purchased: I picked up a very natty pair, of the ‘looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker’ variety.
    • They spin and colour the wool themselves, using natural dyes, and create hand-made woollen garments including some very natty jumpers based on Rothko paintings.
    • His one physical quirk, the sandals which he always wears with socks (today he is sporting a natty tartan pair) seem more trademark than style choice.
    • Wearing a natty sports jacket and carrying a briefcase, Fraser would easily fit in with any group of up-and-coming executives.
    • They are identifiable by their natty attire, and red bow-ties.
    • Tall, lanky and 29, with natty dress sense and friends in all the right places
    • Even the waiters, with their natty white jackets, look like they might be film stars in disguise.
    • The company (who provide the natty little search feature in the navbar of this site) record for me what people search for.
    • The top-end model boasts natty features such as brakes linked to a laser that detects nearby vehicles.
    • After removal, store the lenses in those natty little screw cap holders that the lens solution people give you with the bottle of goop.
    • The bottle of Lakeland Air is the latest natty marketing ploy from Cumbria Tourist Board to encourage stressed-out city-dwellers to the area.
    • The meeting had been ratified by the county board to go ahead without the selectors, bringing into play a natty piece of bureaucracy that questioned whether any decisions taken by the committee were binding if the selectors were there.
    • They also engaged in a particularly natty bit of weasel wording: next year's meeting is being called a seminar to emphasise that no decisions will be taken.
    • For me, part of the enjoyment is just living aboard a boat - marvelling at the way every cubic inch of space is utilised, with natty little lockers and cubby holes to store your things.
    • In the late 1970s, the young economists were encouraged to find some natty statistics that would give Ireland a competitive edge.
    • She has a natty turn of phrase, and an eye for the well chosen metaphor.
    • Also bought a natty little pasta machine today… hopelessly bourgeois!
    • But it's hard to shake the feeling that this is just a natty one-off rather than the future of how music will be made and marketed.
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    (tool/device) genial informal
    (tool/device) ingenioso