Translation of natural-born in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈnætʃ(ə)rəl ˈˌbɔrn/


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    she's a natural-born teacher nació para ser profesora
    • A natural-born performer, Brown began writing her own music when she was 12 years old.
    • For example, I'm something of a natural-born show-off (hadn't you guessed?)
    • ‘My running mate is a natural-born leader,’ Kerry said.
    • As well as being an artist, he was a natural-born teacher.
    • Apparently cats do not get enough protein from tinned food and being natural-born predators even couch-potato felines will feast as nature intended.
    • She's a natural-born peacemaker and, ultimately, can help bring harmony to just about any uncomfortable situation.
    • Dave is a natural-born scammer who, along with a couple of pals, has cheated his way through university.
    • He's a natural-born performer, exuding charisma on stage - and frequently off it, as he scuttles into the crowd to give a wary punter a passionate bear hug.
    • As well as having a natural-born talent and vast imagination, it seems his trick in creating the most popular television series was keeping his eyes and ears open.
    • He was such a natural-born actor that I just assumed he would go on acting.
    • With Braveheart, Mel Gibson demonstrated his prowess as a natural-born director.
    • Rufus is thorough in exploring the differences between natural-born loners and pseudo-loners.
    • As natural-born philosophers, the Greeks knew that when it came to preparing for the Olympics, the last minute was as good as any other.
    • He's either a natural-born bore, or just immature and simply not ready to have a girlfriend.
    • But like all natural-born followers, I require a main party leader to lead the way first.
    • His colleagues describe him as a natural-born workaholic who can keep a sharp mind even after working all night.
    • Is she really a natural-born celebrator, joyous and outgoing at every turn?
    • There are natural-born short sleepers who are perfectly healthy with fewer than six hours.
    • He was captivating, a natural-born performer who knew how to modulate his voice, to gesture compellingly, to manipulate silence and mood so that I found myself laughing one moment and nearly weeping the next.
    • From those intense and physically demanding days of her apprenticeship Louise nurtured her natural-born talent for designing. cutting and creating spectacular hairstyles.