Traducción de natural resources en Español:

natural resources

recursos naturales, n.

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    recursos naturales masculino
    • The exploitation of the natural resource for these materials has boggling environmental implications.
    • It also notes that governments, too, exploit the natural resources of their countries to fund their war efforts.
    • Economic use of natural resources such as water is another factor to be reckoned with.
    • The economy continued to draw on overseas capital, labour, and technology to exploit natural resources.
    • Their needs are limited and therefore their exploitation of natural resources is limited.
    • They have no access to the minerals, ivory and other abundant natural resources found there.
    • And these rich and powerful few will use the law and the courts to ensure that their exploitation of a natural resource will go unchecked.
    • These fossil fuels lay at the core of the exploitation of natural resources that arose with the industrial revolution.
    • The vast natural resources of the two continents were long exploited for the enrichment of Europe.
    • The natural resources of our area were being exploited not for the benefit of the native inhabitants.
    • Paper is the only natural resource we don't give a damn about it seems.
    • We need to ensure that all our natural resources are used in a sustainable manner.
    • It is not in Australia's national interest to lock up and leave undeveloped our natural resources.
    • This trend should now be halted so that Zambia rightfully reaps the benefits of her natural resources.
    • Australia is a wealthy country, with a high standard of living and vast amounts of natural resources.
    • We need to recycle because we need to conserve the Earth's natural resources.
    • For Australia as a whole, knowledge and skills are now more important than natural resources.
    • The natural resources are recognized as common property and managed collectively as such.
    • Australia has a fragile ecosystem and limited natural resources despite its huge size.
    • The risks may be high, but the continent is rich in natural resources including oil, gold and diamonds.