Translation of natural selection in Spanish:

natural selection

selección natural, n.


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    selección natural feminine
    • Studying the Galapagos islands helped to inspire Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection.
    • By a process of natural selection the better adapted individuals and species survived while the others died out.
    • The theory of evolution by natural selection is the unifying theory of biology.
    • As in Darwin's theory of natural selection, a species must adjust to survive.
    • In other words, Darwinian processes of natural selection are now at play in the science media.
    • Charles Darwin's ideas on evolution through natural selection are the basis for these arguments.
    • In other words, these capacities are the outcome of evolution by natural selection.
    • There are many excellent popular science books on the subject of evolution and natural selection.
    • In fact, there is no real scientific evidence to refute natural selection as a valid theory.
    • They argue that advances in molecular biology suggest that natural selection is wrong.
    • So, in terms of Biology, natural selection is based on genetic information.
    • He says that adaptive fitness, produced by natural selection, is not necessarily related to survival value.
    • Surely there's not enough intra-species competition for natural selection.
    • So genetic stock changes through natural selection rather than learning.
    • These traits and differences are said to have evolved in our ancestors via natural selection.
    • The researchers do not know why natural selection favored human ancestors who could run long distances.
    • This helps the market to evolve to become smarter over time through natural selection.
    • You would expect natural selection to remove the unattractive variants.