Translation of naturalism in Spanish:


naturalismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnætʃ(ə)rəˌlɪzəm/ /ˈnatʃ(ə)rəlɪz(ə)m/

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    naturalismo masculine
    • He combined elements of naturalism and romanticism to create a portrait of Napoleon which was both more physically accurate and more emotionally probing than the work of any of his rivals.
    • He lived in Paris 1910-14 and was influenced by the Expressionistic naturalism of Rodin.
    • The play calls on the actors to explore different acting styles in scenes that range from kitchen-sink naturalism to loopy surrealism.
    • Art nouveau naturalism tends to he expressive.
    • At first sight, the painting seems a piece of outright naturalism but detail indicates all is not what it seems.
    • It represents a rustic vision of Jacob wrestling with the Angel, but the real struggle fought out on canvas is between naturalism and symbolism in art.
    • This is a magical piece of theatre, with a streak of engaging, sly humour and playfulness that takes you into a theatrical world where naturalism and expressionism, realism and surrealism sit side by side.
    • The painterly naturalism that we see in these early genre scenes was indeed motivated by a vision of nature - that is, by a vision of human nature conceived in terms both biological and social.
    • The script does wobble - we lurch from naturalism to cinematic surrealism, with apparently little to justify it.
    • The laurel tree, which Correggio renders with great naturalism, simultaneously evokes notions of fidelity, chastity, and poetic attainment.
    • Certainly social realism, naturalism and similar conceptions can and have produced great art and literature.
    • There's a mix of naturalism and stylization that is not, but almost, perfectly achieved in his images of animals on the cover.
    • He consequently links early photography with the Realist project, tying it to an urge for naturalism in both the arts and sciences.
    • These artists advocated a move away from modernist styles to a more straightforward naturalism.
    • Works on view chart the artist's shift from naturalism to an exploration of existential themes.
    • Gritty realism, social realism, naturalism are among the tags applied to Loach's work.
    • It's just an amazing range - from Greek-like naturalism to total abstraction.
    • The film's authentic feel derives not from naturalism, nor even from realism in any ordinary sense.
    • Most atheists and other advocates of philosophical naturalism also believe in materialism, the idea that everything that actually exists is material or physical.
    • The second is philosophical naturalism, which says that everything in the universe is governed by natural law and nothing ever circumvents that law.
    • Similarly, according to many defenders of naturalism, philosophy is not discontinuous with science.
    • First, he presents atheism as a form of naturalism - the belief that the natural world is the only world there is.
    • In brief, the message of this government-promoted television series was that philosophical naturalism and science are one and the same.
    • Modern scientists have confused these two and believe that science requires philosophical naturalism.
    • Most of the chapter consists of criticisms of Johnson's writings on naturalism and the philosophy of science.
    • Substantive epistemological naturalism is the view that all epistemic facts are natural facts.
    • I had always been opposed to naturalism as an explanation of human existence.
    • A supernatural metaphysics has nothing to fear from methodological naturalism.
    • For contrary to what is commonly believed, modern evolutionary theory and philosophical naturalism are quite clearly incompatible.
    • A closely related feature of Quine's philosophy is a deep naturalism, which was also inherited from Mill.
    • Methodological naturalism is nothing more than a description of how science is currently practiced.
    • Nord apparently does not understand that justification for methodological naturalism is purely pragmatic.
    • As he demonstrates, scientific naturalism has gradually undermined theological explanations of the world.
    • The frenzied opposition to Darwinism today is clearly based upon fear that scientific naturalism will undermine religious faith.
    • Evolutionary theory is no more tied to metaphysical naturalism or atheism than is meteorology or medical science.
    • In other words, materialistic naturalism says that there is nothing more to me outside of my physical body.
    • He riles theistic evolutionists, because he exposes their surrender to Darwinian naturalism.
    • When facing the challenge of Darwinian naturalism, three mistakes must be avoided.