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naturalizar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈnætʃ(ə)rəˌlaɪz/ /ˈnatʃ(ə)rəlʌɪz/

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verbo transitivo

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    I can be naturalized after three years' residence me puedo naturalizar / nacionalizar después de tres años de residencia
    • Locke was not the first naturalized foreigner to serve in the Taiwan military.
    • The United States defended its right to naturalize foreigners and rejected Britain's claim that it could legitimately practice impressment on the high seas.
    • He is a naturalised US citizen born in Jordan.
    • Come Australia Day, the family of five will officially call Australia home when they are naturalised at the citizenship ceremony to be held at the Aquarena.
    • Each state then set its own standards for naturalizing new citizens, and New York's were lax.
    • Kozeny was naturalised as an Irish citizen in 1995 under the Rainbow Coalition in return for investment in an Irish software company.
    • She is the first naturalised American citizen to win the much-coveted National Book Critics Circle Award.
    • They settled all over Britain, becoming naturalised British citizens of the Roman Empire, erecting a wealth of inscriptions which attest to their assimilation and prosperity.
    • ‘Some foreign spouses who need this kind of financial assistance may not qualify because they have yet to be naturalized as Taiwanese citizens,’ Lin said.
    • Asians have generally opted to become naturalized citizens rather than permanent resident aliens in the U.S., if they are able to meet the requirements.
    • The remaining 400,000 have become naturalized Japanese citizens.
    • I accept that many Filipinos naturalized elsewhere retain their sentimental ties to the mother country and share their income and good fortune with their relatives.
    • But, as far as NASA is concerned, someone naturalised yesterday is just fine.
    • Chan told Lee that many Indians and Pakistanis living in Hong Kong were finding it hard to get naturalised.
    • We were born there but one of the previous generations must have got naturalised.
    • Why hasn't he taken the plunge and become naturalized and enabled himself to be in a better position to do something about this by voting?
    • He is a man who was born in Ireland, but who became naturalized as a Thai citizen 27 years ago.
    • While his family were naturalised, he wasn't living at home, therefore he never got naturalised.
    • The citizenship clause declares that anyone born or naturalized in the US is a citizen of the United States and of whatever state they reside in.
    • To state more in detail, Chin Gempin was naturalized as a Japanese subject in 1659 and died in 1671.