Translation of naturally in Spanish:


por naturaleza, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈnætʃ(ə)rəli/ /ˈnatʃ(ə)rəli/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(inherently)

      (shy/tidy) por naturaleza
      • Like many naturally bright but socially disadvantaged young men, Trevor is rebelling.
      • Her parents also provide the kind of positive role models that really help a naturally bright youngster like Katie to succeed.
      • Very few educated Westerners would argue that men are naturally brighter, wiser, and better suited for high-paid jobs than women.
      • He didn't stay at the orphanage for very long, for his naturally stable character and bright imagination made him a model child.
      • Hyman says his pupil, whom he claims to be the most naturally talented runner he's ever worked with, is settling in and running outstandingly in the States.
      • This way, every pupil, not just the naturally sporty ones, would have the know-how and confidence that is so lacking in the majority of adults.
      • It should be dead, the girl thought, her naturally logical brain reeling with the implications.

    • 1.2(unaffectedly)

      (smile/behave/speak) con naturalidad
      • Zen monks are unique people - fanciful and bizarre, spontaneous action comes naturally to them.
      • Today is International Left-Handed Day, which I shall celebrate by being left-handed all day (something that comes naturally to me).
      • The babies with all their new-found freedom and the challenges of buoyancy, will do what comes naturally to them, surprising and delighting not just themselves but their parents too.
      • ‘He's so talented it all comes naturally to him,’ she said.
      • Singing comes naturally to Hitesh and, as a student, he was regularly winning prizes in inter-collegiate events.
      • They've been doing it so long it just comes naturally to them.
      • ‘It comes naturally to young people to care about the world,’ he says.
      • It all comes naturally to him, and if you try to curb this by giving him instructions you destroy it.
      • Women, like highly qualified airline pilots, seem to have a skill that comes naturally to them, when it comes to dealing with babies.
      • Most importantly, blogging now comes naturally to me.
      • It just comes naturally to him to think of others.
      • As an observer of people, it is interesting to witness someone who has to study for years in order to achieve what comes naturally to another.
      • In fact, publicising any aspect of her success is not something that comes naturally to this rather self-effacing woman.
      • The East / West mix comes naturally to youngsters who are the product of twin cultural influences.
      • She is quick to admit that she is not a very outgoing person but meeting people and trying to understand them comes naturally to her.
      • Besides, eclecticism comes naturally to the singer, who hails from a musical household.
      • Many others have tried it but given up in despair at mastering technology that almost comes naturally to children.
      • The bond between them is so strong that helping each other comes naturally to them.
      • We must teach our children early in life how to be healthy so that it comes naturally to them.
      • Breathing comes naturally to us, as does moving.

  • 2

    (without artifice)
    (form/heal) de manera natural
    she gave birth naturally tuvo un parto natural
    • Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight?
    • My most memorable feature was my quantity of fine golden hair, naturally curly but not fuzzy.
    • I put on my clothes and leave my hair to dry naturally because it goes curlier that way.
    • Grandma was in her last fifties and was letting her hair grow gray naturally, which looked good for her.
    • He ran both his hands through his naturally curly hair and let out a breath.
    • Hinako followed in a red sweater and black pants with her hair in its naturally curly state.
    • Her naturally curly hair was in ringlets, but pulled back and tied in a messy knot.
    • She said having other women supporting mothers during pregnancy gives them more confidence in giving birth naturally, without medical intervention.
    • It is a group that formed naturally, without external intervention but simply by virtue of their involvement and expertise acknowledged by the community.
    • Darwinism, applied to humans, predicted the fit would survive, without intervention, naturally.
    • ‘We spend millions of dollars fighting a plant that grows naturally,’ said Matt.
    • It grows naturally in this area as a rainforest species but is becoming more popular as a home garden plant.
    • It was her belief that kids should have absolute freedom, rarely be disciplined, and be allowed to grow and develop naturally, without any undue influences.
    • But the wrap is as light as tissue paper and it binds nerve endings together, helping them grow back naturally so patients can move their fingers again.
    • The trees are known as Sydney red gum or snooze bark apple and if left to grow naturally would have tall thin trunks with a high canopy that would not hinder views.
    • They have acquired the expertise in creating perfect conditions where the species can flourish and grow naturally.
    • Grow varieties that are naturally resistant to pest and disease.
    • Rhododendrons grow naturally in Bulgaria, and are considered exotic as they can only be found in the Strandja region.
    • There are 12 main varieties of magic mushroom growing naturally in the UK, with the main type called liberty cap.
    • To begin with, Bulgaria does have a very old tradition of herbal medicine since a lot of herbs and plants grow here naturally.
  • 3

    • 3.1(logically)

      • The theoretical results presented above lead naturally to several computational applications.
      • When young students come together, the result is naturally chaos and confusion.
      • The happy result of such a decision is that it leads you naturally to support the local economy and craftspeople, who are adept at working with native materials.
      • This naturally results in a 45MB / sec hard drive requirement and a 50MB / sec graphics card requirement.
      • However, much quartersawn wood is obtained by cuffing the vertical-grained wood that naturally results from plainsawing.
      • They then asked the coach to diagram a configuration that might naturally result from such play.
      • A total prohibition of force will naturally result in disobedience, because what can the oppressed do, if not fight, in the last resort?
      • This collision of values and abilities naturally results in depression.
      • Anarchy naturally results in an escalating series of parties, during the last of which the family's home burns to the ground.
      • So imprinting of X-linked genes naturally results in sexually dimorphic gene expression.
      • This naturally resulted in a magical duel, which Crowley eventually won.
      • This transition from feudalism to capitalism naturally led to the maturing, preparation and implementation of the national movement for liberation.
      • These stories have naturally led me to ponder my own childhood memories.
      • Such views naturally lead to an ‘aggressive, belligerent foreign policy’, she added.
      • This naturally leads to a further question: Why should governments have absolute power between elections?
      • This activity leads naturally to increased internal demand in India itself, and hence to increased markets.
      • I like the optimism in thinking that one would lead naturally to the other but I'm very skeptical.
      • And an increase in supply without a corresponding increase in demand would naturally lead to a fall in prices.
      • It was one of those fantastic brainstorming sessions, where one idea just leads naturally to the next.
      • ‘The gospel side of my music comes naturally from how I grew up,’ she continues.
      • The queuing on the minor road, which created start-stop movements, naturally resulted in more instances of break-up of vehicle images.

    • 3.2(of course)

      por supuesto
      are you pleased? — naturally ¿estás contento? — naturalmente / por supuesto / claro
      • naturally, we'll take every precaution naturalmente / por supuesto, tomaremos todo tipo de precauciones
      • He was a cross between David Niven and Spike Milligan, and you never knew what to expect, so naturally we children were always delighted to see him.
      • When someone uses language that strong, you'd naturally expect him to have the facts to back up his words.
      • And naturally I don't expect agreement on that, so there's no point in arguing it.
      • So, naturally, you'd expect that our neighbours would've been briefed, right?
      • On hearing that he would be stepping down, we naturally expected a valedictory address.
      • To give you the facts - I asked him to go to the disco, so I naturally expected that he devote a little bit of attention to me.
      • Migration to and from the city is huge, and naturally one expects crime to increase.
      • So naturally I expected to buy a ticket from New London to Stamford.
      • We should, naturally, expect to hear their proposals on limiting the areas of operations of our own Navy.
      • So naturally you would expect the designers behind MTV Skateboarding to spice up the game.
      • It also takes up a good deal of my time because naturally investors expect to see the chief executive.
      • It may be a good idea, and naturally I hope it proves useful in solving this sad case.
      • Lisa and I backed at least two dogs between us per race, and with only six dogs in each race, I was naturally thrilled with my strike rate of one winning bet in the entire evening.
      • Wishing to retain our sanity we naturally hoped and believed fervently that Simon would belong to the 50 per cent curable group.
      • I don't know - though, naturally, I hope the best is yet to come.
      • So, naturally, I hope you will all be as relieved as I am to discover that there is an organisation who can come to your aid.
      • Our son, Matthew, was on that trip and naturally we were very anxious when we heard the terrible news about the bombs.
      • The result, naturally, was a crowd of customers.
      • The result, naturally, is that the competence of local intelligence has declined.
      • This has naturally resulted in a lot of parental anxiety.