Translation of nature study in Spanish:

nature study

historia natural, n.


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    historia natural feminine
    • We were taught a variety of subjects including grammar, nature study, singing, dancing, poetry, French and Latin.
    • Through this project the following subjects were integrated: Irish, English, maths, history, geography, nature study and art.
    • After her doctorate she taught biology and nature study at a college in New Mexico.
    • This would mean substituting early 19th-century nature study for modern biology.
    • ‘The school approach to nature study,’ wrote this former school-teacher, ‘is fundamentally unsound.’
    • Parents bring their children, there is jogging, nature study, outdoor sports, kite flying - indeed, the country park is a leisure centre in itself.
    • The ages range from 4-6 years and the activities will be painting, nature study, and various sporting events.
    • There are field trips, nature study, and a whole lot of tools for the creative development of the children.
    • The children collected leaves from plants such as ferns etc. which will be used for nature study purposes.
    • Mountain biking provides an opportunity for nature study and appreciation, and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
    • Vocational instruction in agriculture began around 1897 with nature study in the public schools of New York State and elsewhere.
    • Originally, outdoor education was used mostly for nature study.
    • Two layover days provide opportunities for peak climbs, photography, fishing, or nature study.
    • According to O'Kelly, rule one in nature study is to take notes.
    • It was a walk for exercise, not nature study, and I was disposed to get it over with.
    • It will be used by local youngsters for nature study classes.
    • About 30 people met at the nature study centre on Wandsworth Common last Sunday to discuss the issue.
    • The surrounding landscape and the golf course no doubt offer great potential for the development of a nature study trail.
    • There would be a nature study camp for children aged between 10 and 15 in April and May.
    • He is currently designing other attractions such as a nature study walk and fitness trail.