Translation of naughty in Spanish:


malo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnɔdi/ /ˈnɔːti/

adjective naughtier, naughtiest

  • 1

    (child/dog) malo
    (child/dog) travieso
    (child/dog) pícaro
    (you) naughty girl! ¡mala!
    • don't do that, it's naughty eso no se hace
    • Sometimes it's like being a school teacher with a multitude of naughty children to look after.
    • I wasn't a very naughty child generally, so this was quite out of character.
    • If your child is naughty, maybe it is the parents that are at fault.
    • Like parents forgiving naughty children, they forgive pop culture its badness, because it reminds them of when they were children.
    • They knew interesting tales about when my parents were naughty children and they could identify the faded figures in family photographs.
    • His first advice to teachers was to understand child psychology before handling naughty children.
    • A campaign has been launched in some newspapers to attempt to outlaw any right of parents ever to lay a finger on their naughty children.
    • Upset the person in charge and you automatically feel like a naughty child.
    • It's rather like keeping the whole class after school until someone turns in the naughty child.
    • He sighed like a parent who now had to punish a naughty child.
    • It is clearly evident that this tragedy has occurred because I was a naughty, naughty child throughout the past year.
    • She had a funny look on her face, like a naughty child who's just been found stealing cookies from the cookie jar before dinner.
    • We've all been very naughty, dirty children, and must be treated sternly.
    • They can be like naughty children, up to mischief one minute, bickering the next.
    • Athena's haughty gaze affixed him as if he were a naughty schoolboy.
    • I feel like the naughty schoolboy who's been called to the headmistress's office.
    • Once she has got through playing the naughty schoolgirl, she settles down.
    • The treaty basically says no one is going to do anything naughty such as industrial espionage.
    • You cannot win the hearts of naughty nine-year-olds by drawing cartoons that pacify their politically correct parents.
    • There is still a belief that it is acceptable to speed, and that speed cameras are naughty wicked things set up by the government, rather than an attempt to reduce road deaths and injuries.
  • 2

    (word) feo
    don't use such naughty language no digas palabrotas
    • It was used to greatest effect when it makes the actors say rude or naughty things.
    • Explicit language makes a lot of us squirm because it's chock full of taboos: It's crude, it's naughty, it's raunchy, its real.
    • The lyrics to this very hummable song are extremely naughty, not smutty or crude, just enjoyably naughty.
    • Bruce established his reputation on naughty language and bawdy social commentary: the hallmarks of modern stand-up comedy.
    • She had one of those husky voices that suggested very naughty things just by speaking.
    • It looked strangely naughty, a bit like a dirty postcard.
    • Although pornography is edging closer to mainstream society, its naughty aura means it isn't yet mundane.
    • The naughty massage ads are in the Adult Classified, and, trust me, the sky is the limit.
    • The two would dance ‘suggestively’ and end their naughty escapade with a full kiss on the lips for all the boys to think about later that night.
    • And you thought I was going to say something naughty, didn't you?
    • Julie just gave me that naughty, sexy grin of hers.
    • I admit, that does sound rather naughty, but I don't think she meant it quite like that.
    • An apology beforehand for the use of the naughty word in the image below.
    • The Code wasn't simply about getting rid of naughty words or translucent costumes.
  • 3

    (in adult context)
    he was a bit naughty not to consult them estuvo mal en no consultarlos
    • you naughty thing! ¡pillo!
  • 4

    (joke) atrevido
    (joke) picante
    (joke) subido de tono