Translation of nauseous in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈnɔʃəs/ /ˈnɔziəs/ /ˈnɔːsɪəs/ /ˈnɔːzɪəs/

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  • 1

    to feel nauseous sentir náuseas
    • the mere sight of blood makes me (feel) nauseous me dan náuseas solo de ver sangre
    • A day later I became nauseous, was vomiting, and I started bumping into the wall - I couldn't walk straight.
    • He had felt nauseous, wanted to vomit and, most distressing, felt he was ‘going mad’ and about to die.
    • Plus, she had been feeling queasy and nauseous.
    • I feel sick and nauseous, but now I try not to remember why.
    • A nauseous feeling came over me and I vomited blood.
    • So I am fat and pasty, constantly nauseous and frequently sick.
    • We invariably travelled on some clapped-out smelly bus that made us nauseous with the diesel fumes.
    • He felt nauseous and depressed, awash on a stormy, bilious sea of confusion, misunderstanding, and despair.
    • ‘They said they were feeling dizzy and nauseous,’ she says.
    • All I can remember is feeling slightly nauseous.
    • I suddenly feel very hot… and worse, very nauseous.
    • ‘I woke up on Sunday morning and I was feeling ok, but after I had my breakfast I started feeling a bit nauseous,’ Anderson said.
    • And there are some patients who are not in pain at all, but still want euthanasia, because they are weak, constantly tired, nauseous, or breathless.
    • Nurse says it's a good sign that Peter's not nauseous.
    • I have a killer headache and I'm getting nauseous.
    • The air seemed absolutely dead yesterday; I felt nauseous whenever I ventured outdoors and seriously struggled to breathe.
    • My aunt said Grandma was nauseous, so I wanted to give her some space and went outside again, taking the opportunity to shoot more photos.
    • Even the smell of it makes me slightly nauseous.
    • My temperature feels like it's all over the place, I'm exhausted, headachy, feeling slightly nauseous at times and I have the serious shakes.
    • But being bombarded with product messages makes me nauseous.
    • At least I haven't been feeling as nauseous these last few days.
    • I've watched a couple of episodes, and they both made me nauseous.
  • 2

    (smell/taste/color) nauseabundo
    • It has every predictable, nauseous feel-good film cliche in it.
    • It wasn't that he was afraid of blood, on the contrary, but too much blood, exposed organs, and raw flesh with that nauseous stench could already make him sick.
    • The bonfires can be seen burning at various times throughout the day and night, with the resulting nauseous effluvia blowing towards the two local schools and several housing estates.
    • Those who remain loyal to Franklin survive on nauseous lichen scraped from the arctic rocks, or by boiling their own boots; others resort to cannibalism.
    • ‘I'm Emma,’ said I, feeling the grip of nauseous embarrassment washing over me.
    • The air around him was heavy with the sickly-sour, nauseous smell of formaldehyde.