Translation of nautical in Spanish:


náutico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnɔdək(ə)l/ /ˈnɔːtɪk(ə)l/

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    there is a strong nautical tradition in his family hay una gran tradición marinera en su familia
    • Therefore many sailors would tattoo nautical stars on their forearms as a good luck symbol in hopes of returning home.
    • The earliest printed cards sported a nautical theme directed at sailors, who were heavy tobacco users.
    • The increasing importance of astronomy in nautical navigation required further experiments.
    • Apart from the nautical activities, the Naval personnel took part in a sport day before heading out to sea on their various deployments again.
    • The nautical atmosphere was the product of library-hours, not sea-miles.
    • It has a ‘small ship’ style to it that appeals to one's sense of nautical tradition.
    • But even if you don't bring your own boat, there's plenty of nautical activity on the island.
    • His love for things nautical, his business sense and his organizational skills live on in his son.
    • Roy has previously designed a range of prestigious sailing trophies and other nautical pieces.
    • Still on a nautical theme, the Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbour is well worth a look.
    • As in most genres of art, the nautical or marine artist is a risk taker.
    • And the jostling crowds just add to this wonderful nautical atmosphere.
    • The map was tacked next to the compass and he was pleased at how well he could still read a nautical chart.
    • Inside, a compass hangs on the wall next to a nautical chart under a glass plate.
    • The language derives from a kind of nautical English that was spread throughout the Pacific by sailors.
    • All things nautical will be on show at Lancaster's Maritime Festival, probably the highlight of the weekend locally.
    • Newfoundland, perhaps more than the other Maritime Provinces, is overwhelmed with the nautical spirit.
    • If one did not wish to sail or indulge in nautical activities, that was accepted.
    • Alesund is a busy little port with a strong nautical tradition on the west coast of Norway above Bergen.
    • He eventually took over his mothers fleet of ships and appeared to inherit her nautical skills.