Translation of nautilus in Spanish:


nautilo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɔd(ə)ləs/ /ˈnɔːtɪləs/

Definition of nautilo in Spanish

nounplural nautiluses, plural nautili

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    nautilo masculine
    • Some patterns in nature are formed by natural growth mechanisms, as with the spiral shape of the nautilus shell.
    • The beautiful nautilus shell is white to orange, with white stripes and a central, black whorl.
    • The shape of the museum is like a giant, spiral seashell - a nautilus - made of concrete.
    • The aborigines believe that the skeleton of each dead moon drops into the sea and becomes the shell of the chambered nautilus.
    • Most resorts in Manado can make special arrangements with local fishermen to show you the prehistoric nautilus.
    • The shell contains a gas which makes it semi-buoyant, permitting the nautilus to change depth and to swim.
    • The eggs and hatchlings of the chambered nautilus are the largest of all cephalopods.
    • Unlike most other cephalopods that have a short life span, the chambered nautilus can live 16 or more years.
    • Geology students recommend you check out the nautilus shells in limestone mounted on the bar.
    • The pearly nautilus is an exception to most generalizations about cephalopods.