Traducción de navel en Español:


ombligo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈneɪvəl/ /ˈneɪv(ə)l/

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    ombligo masculino
    navel ring aro en el ombligo
    • Abdominal examination revealed a large scar from the navel downwards.
    • The child may have low back pain, stomach pain below the navel, or a long-lasting fever.
    • An umbilical hernia occurs when part of the intestine protrudes through a weakness in the abdominal wall at the navel.
    • Exhale as you contract your abdominal muscles, pulling your navel toward your spine.
    • Symptoms include a gnawing or burning sensation in the abdomen between the navel and the sternum.
    • Pain below the navel that spreads to either side may signify a colon disorder.
    • Can you feel the breath radiating life energy from your navel into your arms, legs and head?
    • She has already pierced her nose, her ears, her navel and now, her tongue.
    • Put the palm of your right hand on the abdomen, just above the navel, and press up against the solar plexus or pit of the stomach.
    • For two years I had occasional pain in the abdomen especially around the navel for short durations.
    • Exhale as you contract your abdominal muscles, pulling your navel toward your spine.
    • Tighten your abs by pulling your navel toward your spine and lean to the right.
    • A jewel sparkled from her pierced navel and her jeans rode low on her hips.
    • The dead man has a Batman tattoo and a pierced navel.
    • She also had her navel pierced but she didn't show it off so much.
    • If the patient wears a navel ring, she is asked to remove it.
    • Claude smiled lazily and stretched, showing off her tiny ruby navel ring.
    • Her size two trousers hang about her hips, exposing a navel ring.
    • Her slender waist was now bare exposing the deep navel.
    • Soo Lin's shirt was tight and small and showed her bare navel, which had the ring in it.