Translation of navel orange in Spanish:

navel orange

naranja nável, n.


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    naranja nável feminine
    naranja de ombligo feminine Southern Cone
    naranja ombligona feminine Colombia
    • Some hybrids remain successful; to wit, the mule, the California navel orange and several other fruits and vegetables.
    • Then the West received, as an import from Brazil, the navel orange, aptly named for the little depression which adorns the orange's blossom end, and which contains the very few seeds which each fruit carries.
    • Growing until it was the size of a large bird egg, then to the size of a navel orange.
    • The backyard navel orange tree is going into full fruiting and we will shortly have more oranges than we can eat.
    • Theodore Roosevelt stayed in the Presidential Suite here in 1903, and replanted one of California's two original navel orange trees in its courtyard.
    • The market operates year-round, and even in winter it's colorful, with navel oranges, Satsuma mandarins, and other citrus as well as greens, cole crops, apples, and nuts.
    • Today it annually produces 440 tons of fruit from 8 acres of navel oranges and 22 acres of the sweet Valencia orange.
    • Consistent irrigation is key; fluctuating soil moisture can cause fruit splitting, especially of navel oranges.
    • ‘Now this painting,’ Reginald continued, ‘is of two large navel oranges.’
    • Some of our best cultivated plants have obviously lost genetic information - for example, navel oranges do not produce seeds.