Translation of navy in Spanish:


marina de guerra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈneɪvi/

nounplural navies

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    Military Nautical
    marina de guerra feminine
    armada feminine
    the US Navy la armada / marina de los EEUU
    • the Royal Navy la armada / marina británica
    • There were also brochures from the different sections of the military: the navy, army, marines, etc.
    • This problem extends into all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces: the navy, the air force and army.
    • Hundreds of the missiles are slated to be produced for the navy - the only branch of the military which has until now shown interest in purchasing the new weapons system.
    • Everybody I know joined the army, navy, air force, marines or coast guard.
    • The incident happened in waters where the navy was conducting a massive sonar exercise.
    • According to the conscription law, those in the army must serve three years, while those in the navy and air force serve four.
    • Born in Scotland, Jones enlisted in the British merchant navy at the age of thirteen.
    • He said that members of the British merchant navy were civilians and had no military status.
    • He dropped out of a New Jersey university in his third year to join the US navy.
    • In its more than 300-year history, the Russian navy has given rise to many glorious professional traditions.
    • Anti-aircraft missiles were on standby and the Spanish navy was also patrolling the seaside city.
    • An Italian navy ship dropped rescue vessels into the water.
    • For all practical purposes, the Japanese navy had ceased to exist as an organized fighting force.
    • Coventry has been linked with Her Majesty's navy since 1658.
    • Shortly after the operation got under way, the North Korean navy reacted with surprise and precision.
    • The completion date for the navy's nuclear-powered submarine was postponed several times, from 1995 to 2010.
    • Britain had the world's most powerful navy and a small army.
    • At the same time we have deployed our navy to harass and turn away boats.
    • During that period Spain had the most powerful navy in the world.
    • Despite his harrowing moments, Jennings said he never thought about leaving the navy.
    • He had left the navy in disgrace after an affair with a young girl.
    • In 1992 three female navy veterans applied for admission to the daytime veterans' program.
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    azul marino masculine


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    (invariable adjective) azul marino
    a navy ribbon una cinta azul marino