Translation of Nazarene in Spanish:


nazareno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnæzəˌrin/ /ˈnazəriːn/ /ˌnazəˈriːn/

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  • 1

    nazareno masculine
    nazarena feminine
    • Surely if the Nazarenes had called out to Jesus as Bartimaeus did, he would have opened their eyes, too.
    • So even when he chastised his fellow Nazarenes for not accepting him, he did it out of a loving concern and even anguish over their hardness of heart.
    • But instead of smilingly accepting the accolades of his fellow Nazarenes, Jesus turns provocative.
    • Jesus Christ was often referred to as a Nazarene, or Jesus of Nazareth, in both a complimentary way, by Himself and those who believed in Him, and in a derogatory manner, by those who didn't.