Translation of Nazi in Spanish:


nazi, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɑtsi/ /ˈnɑːtsi/

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    nazi masculine, feminine
    nazista masculine, feminine


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    • The city of Sunderland is free from Nazi councillors despite a concerted effort by the BNP.
    • Indeed, until mid-1941, there were more communists and socialists in Nazi concentration camps than Jews.
    • Next month marks the 60th anniversary of the defeat of Hitler's Nazi regime.
    • From 1938 he closely collaborated with Nazi architect Albert Speer.
    • Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime persecuted and massacred millions of Jews.
    • Both objections were made to the Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders after World War II.
    • He spent the war in Berlin, an honored guest of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
    • One of the T-shirts for sale had a portrait of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler standing on a laurel.
    • A search of the corporal's quarters following the attack is reported to have found Nazi BNP propaganda.
    • The most fanatical Nazi leaders - Hitler, Goebbels and Bormann - stayed in Berlin, while others fled.
    • He said it was too biased to be called a documentary and was similar to work by Nazi propaganda director Leni Riefenstahl.
    • He did not, for instance, nominate Born, who had become a refugee from Nazi anti-Semitism.
    • High- and middle-ranking Nazi party members returned to public office and leading positions in the economy.
    • She says she was never a Nazi party member, and never anti-Semitic.
    • In 1920, Hitler announced to the very small Nazi Party the Five Points of national Socialism.
    • One of her admirers was Adolf Hitler, who asked her to film the Nazi party rally of 1933.
    • German films explore Nazi terror and the resistance to it
    • Shops and businesses were destroyed and their owners murdered by Nazi party members.
    • It hid its real Nazi ideology in the elections and sought to pick up votes by tapping into the huge bitterness with mainstream politicians.
    • Indeed, Nazi ideology and methods were totally incompatible with the Catholic position.