Translation of near miss in Spanish:

near miss


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    a near miss casi una colisión
    • we had a near miss por poco / casi chocamos
    • I avoided having to repeat a year, but it was a near miss me salvé de repetir el año, pero fue por poco
    • Tired and undermanned ships crews have lead to a worrying number of merchant ships being involved in collisions or near misses, a marine accident investigation chief has said.
    • Members of Calne Town Council are campaigning for safer roads following a number of accidents and near misses in the town.
    • This is the third fatality I can recall in the time I have worked and lived in Undercliffe and I have sadly lost track of the number of non-fatal accidents and the countless near misses on the same stretch of road.
    • The intersection was identified as a trouble spot by the council, with several accidents and near misses reported recently.
    • I thought that I would tell you about some of the more stupid accidents and near misses I've had on motorcycles.
    • Roads Service never hear about the minor scrapes, near misses and non-injury accidents that regularly occur if there are no injuries reported.
    • Since we moved into our shop we have witnessed various fights, near misses and actual collisions over the last 18 months.
    • Like many readers, I have witnessed a number of accidents and even more near misses, mostly due to bad driving or impatience.
    • There have, I understand, been accidents and near misses in Amberwood Rise.
    • Nearby resident say the conditions sparked a string of accidents and near misses.
    • Over 42 percent of those interviewed claimed that because of fatigue they had been involved in accidents or near misses.
    • The number of accidents and rising graph of near misses for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, warrant a priority rating before it's too late!
    • He stressed that he welcomed the approval of the flyover, after witnessing many near misses and recently being involved in a minor accident there himself.
    • So far, she said, the community has been lucky, with no fatal accidents, but there have been many near misses.
    • After an accident last year and a number of near misses, the parents have decided that enough is enough.
    • As a result, 17 per cent said they had been in an accident and 13 per cent admitted having a near miss.
    • A survey reveals that one in three drivers over 55 has had an accident or near miss because they were running late.
    • A police spokesman told the Evening Gazette: ‘He thought he saw another aircraft flying in front of him, but there was no near miss.’
    • We've had a series of near misses around our coast and next time we may not be so lucky.
    • There have been several near misses where children have been darting in and out of traffic to cross from one side of the road to the other.
    • According to the NTSB database, there have been 38 near misses so far this year when two planes almost collided in mid-air.