Translation of nearby in Spanish:


cercano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnɪrbaɪ/ /nɪəˈbʌɪ/

Definition of cercano in Spanish


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    we went to a nearby restaurant fuimos a un restaurante cercano / que había cerca
    • But Mr Dodsworth claimed that nearby residents had all been in the dark.
    • He believes that nearby shops may be using the banks to dump cardboard boxes.
    • And the copper giant has also adopted three primary health centres in nearby villages.
    • Before this, the volcano last erupted in 1977, destroying a nearby village.
    • But nearby residents claim that extra traffic generated would pose a threat to safety.
    • However nearby residents soon started hearing strange noises coming from below the road surface.
    • But no: the professor's grave was soon located in a nearby town.
    • Greenhouse gasses are released, nearby towns are polluted and an opportunity is lost.
    • Uncle Kal stuffed his equipment under a nearby bush, then crouched beside me.
    • For example, he's walking and hears a rustling in a nearby bush.
    • When he got there they realised that three dragons were lying in nearby bush.
    • A rustle in the nearby trees brought Calais immediately back to where she was.
    • He lifted the necklace over his head and threw it against a nearby tree.
    • He stumbled over to a nearby tree, about ready to pass out again.
    • Frustrated, she kicked a nearby trashcan until its contents spilled to the linoleum floor.
    • She then picked up the stub and threw it into the nearby trashcan.
    • However, this technique currently can be applied reliably only for relatively nearby stars within our own galaxy.
    • Next, she set a pencil down on top of her nearby bedside table.
    • With that, Ryre laid the shotgun on a nearby table and stepped back.
    • On a nearby hill, she saw a large boulder that looked fairly unstable.
    • Soldiers opened fire from an army base on a nearby hill, they said.


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    they live nearby viven cerca (de allí/aquí)
    • Luckily we have relations who live nearby and we were able to go and stay with them over night.
    • Joe was lurking somewhere nearby, as he always is.
    • But after some hours had passed, she realized that she could hear a sound somewhere nearby.
    • But, nothing was found anywhere nearby, so here I am.
    • Swimmers and strollers alike take advantage of the safe, golden beaches located conveniently nearby.
    • Vincent shouted, sitting nearby on the floor.
    • After calling emergency services, the couple rang Mr Singh, who lives nearby.
    • So far, the news has been met with anger by people living nearby.
    • One, who had been standing nearby, picked Melissa up in his arms.
    • As their buses arrive at the barracks, students notice four figures standing nearby.
    • Then she turned, sensing someone else nearby.
    • He scrambled up onto his feet and looked around but he couldn't see anyone else nearby.
    • Despite the black cloud hovering nearby there was no threat to the railway network.
    • Cally and her father followed Marx over to a black stretch limo parked nearby.
    • His bodyguards were nearby at the time of the murder.
    • We sat down at the table, with Joe lurking inconspicuously nearby.
    • Just as she was about to give up, she saw an alley nearby and rushed into it.
    • A couple of horses grazed nearby, their tails swinging in time to the rhythm.
    • The buck grazing nearby looked up and bounded toward the call.
    • The horses were grazing nearby, tied loosely by neck ropes.