Translation of nearly in Spanish:


casi, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈnɪrli/ /ˈnɪəli/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(almost)

      I'm nearly ready estoy casi listo
      • it was nearly midnight era casi medianoche
      • I nearly said something rude casi digo / por poco digo una grosería
      • she very nearly died por poco / casi se muere
      • we're very nearly there ya falta poco para llegar
      • He led me into an alcove and stood close to me, so close our faces were nearly touching.
      • The buildings of New York take quite a beating and nearly disappear in a fusion fireball.
      • He once had a slender girlfriend with a mop of hair and a crooked, pale, nearly pretty face.
      • It was put into practice at the centre nearly two years ago and has proved its worth.
      • The attempt nearly succeeded as he was close to being able to get his head through the hole.
      • The rise and fall of the bustle spans nearly the whole of the nineteenth century.
      • He transported the nearly finished work to another small studio, a few blocks away.
      • The fact that nearly a quarter of respondents saw through the bias is itself impressive.
      • It was so nice when my mum and sister came to England and stayed with me for nearly 6 months.
      • The odds are even worse for the Dogans, who had nearly exhausted all avenues for appeal.
      • I seem to have added an extra one and a half miles onto my distance, and nearly doubled my trip time.
      • Something I saw made me laugh out aloud and I was nearly rewarded with a smack in the mouth.
      • He'd tried to eat during his break but was so breathless that he nearly collapsed.
      • Last week he was finally kicked out of the band he founded and he has been disowned by nearly all of his family.
      • When I went on Friday I was nearly screaming with pain when he tried to stretch my back.
      • By the time we'd ascertained that my partner was very happy with his lot, he was nearly home.
      • The effort has been put into developing tools to create nearly anything you can imagine.
      • After nearly two hours we knew what the problem was - but hadn't found a way to solve it.
      • Hearst did not see the joke, and the film was nearly destroyed before it could be released.
      • One fireman spent nearly ten minutes using his hands to dig the frightened youth out of the mud.
      • He said that when he first saw Lucky's face in the vets it nearly broke his heart.
      • Yet another animal has been added to the list of those abused on a nearly unimaginable scale.
      • This is the basic physics, but Einstein said it nearly gave him a nervous breakdown.

  • 2 formal

    what language does Hungarian most nearly resemble? ¿a qué idioma se parece más el húngaro?