Traducción de neatly en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈnitli/ /ˈniːtli/


  • 1

    the papers were neatly organized into piles los papeles estaban cuidadosamente apilados
    • the garden is very neatly kept el jardín está muy bien cuidado
    • she was neatly dressed iba bien arreglada
    • So I took the four cracker tubes out of the tin and stacked them neatly in the cupboard.
    • No row could more neatly illustrate the deep divisions between Britain's art lovers.
    • The picture shows a woman with neatly coiffed hair in a smart modern outfit.
    • All of this came neatly together in the rituals the Victorians developed for Christmas.
    • This tension is real; pain does not fall neatly on to either side of the Cartesian divide.
    • A few blocks away, corner markets still had fruit neatly stacked in pyramids out front.
    • Well as someone who doesn't fit neatly into any of their categories, I am disgusted.
    • Perhaps he should enjoy his neatly trimmed garden during the week while others are working.
    • Open one of her cupboards and you would find tins of food all neatly stacked.
    • Gender selection neatly shows exactly what is at stake in human genetic engineering.
  • 2

    (snugly, conveniently)
    the table fits neatly into the alcove la mesa cabe perfectamente en el hueco
    • the world doesn't divide up neatly into goodies and baddies no se puede dividir a la humanidad tan sencillamente entre buenos y malos
  • 3

    (solve/explain/evade) hábilmente
    (solve/explain/evade) ingeniosamente
    neatly put bien dicho