Translation of necessitate in Spanish:


exigir, v.

Pronunciation /nəˈsɛsəˌteɪt/ /nɪˈsɛsɪteɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    hacer necesario
    it necessitated her hospitalization exigió / requirió / hizo necesaria su hospitalización
    • The idea of voluntarily signing up for a class that necessitates me spending even more time at the hospital during my off-hours is not enticing, to say the least.
    • He lived nearly all of his life in Rinbane until failing health necessitated him moving to Tubbercurry in recent years.
    • His poor standing in Asia will necessitate him throwing tons of money at Indonesia.
    • There could be any old report coming along after this election which will necessitate you raising taxes again.
    • Probably there are things that necessitate you getting away from the norm.
    • My son suffered an accident at school resulting in him breaking his wrist in 3 places & necessitating him having surgery.
    • The realignment of track two necessitated them cutting the corner off of the old center island platform.
    • Inadequate results of psychotherapies have necessitated a search for alternative treatments.
    • These new hours represent a reduction in the library's total open hours necessitated by a reduction in state funds.
    • After a decade of budget cuts necessitated by the Depression, Canada was far from ready to go to war again.
    • But fresh fighting erupted again early this month, necessitating a review of the pact.
    • Large-scale industrialization necessitated a vast labor force, and the city attracted one.
    • The appearance of two demanding babies necessitated a change in Cave's working methods.
    • We know that social development often necessitates changes of both viewpoint and behaviour.
    • Global expansion had also necessitated major changes to its management into a more complex structure.
    • The relapse rate after cardioversion is high and often necessitates the use of antiarrhythmic treatment.
    • Such modifications need not necessitate wholesale institutional change and they need not await the revision of a competencies list.
    • Clearly, the ability to imprint DNA does not necessitate its use in development.
    • They can occasionally become quite large and tender when infected, necessitating surgical removal.
    • Renal dysfunction and cough necessitate discontinuation of therapy in less than 10 percent of patients.
    • The variety of funding sources also necessitates a range of interactions between agencies and researchers.
    • Later an infection necessitated the amputation of his good leg.
    • Correction of vascular disease is important as it's the only factor in itself which will necessitate foot amputation.
    • Indeed it was these difficulties that necessitated the premature termination of the study.
    • Construction work next to it had necessitated the termination of the electricity supply.
    • Having to replace a motherboard usually necessitates a long-winded process of reinstalling an OS, programs and data.
    • Such requirements necessitate frequent contact between the patient and physician for re-evaluation and prescription renewal.