Translation of need in Spanish:


necesidad, n.

Pronunciation /nid/ /niːd/


  • 1

    (requirement, necessity)
    necesidad feminine
    need for sth/to + inf necesidad de algo/de + inf
    an urgent / a pressing need una imperiosa necesidad
    • we have enough for our own needs tenemos lo suficiente para cubrir nuestras necesidades
    • my needs are few/simple me conformo con poco
    • the emotional/intellectual needs of the children las necesidades afectivas/intelectuales de los niños
    • your daily vitamin needs las vitaminas que necesita diariamente
    • A need for counting arose, then writing and numerals were needed to record transactions.
    • There was a need for emergency type accommodation in Laois under the new strategy.
    • Purvis rightly identifies a need for a more complete, more nuanced assessment.
    • There is a need for us to continuously upgrade the quality of service we give to customers.
    • In these circumstances there is no need for an urgent debate on the subject today.
    • It advises that in cases involving some therapies there is a need for the public to be warned of any possible dangers.
    • So in some way there seems to be a need for a linkway between the Centre and the Museum complex.
    • Recently, I predicted that there was a need for Internet switching ability in a mobile phone.
    • In an Australian context, we have a need for a final school year subject of this kind.
    • We need to acknowledge that there is a crisis and there is a need for change.
    • Clearly there is a need for a better understanding between the police and the community.
    • She stressed that diabetes was a key cause of renal failure, leading to a need for dialysis.
    • Some people felt there would be a need for security cameras if the shop were re-opened.
    • It is apparent even from the outside that there is a need for a change on the Sligo-Dublin line.
    • Present-day reality highlights the pressing need for the state's advance preparation for possible wars.
    • Chen also said the collision underlined the dire need for military confidence-building measures in the Taiwan Strait.
    • However, I cannot stress enough the continued need for vigilance.
    • There is no single procedure to replace the surgical patient's need for blood transfusion.
    • There is also an opportunity to develop bespoke company training if the need arises.
    • The reality is that many people are driven by an irrational need for speed.
    • Of course, this is being justified on the basis of society's need for protection against sexual crime.
    • Bolton must adapt and change to meet the needs of the public if it wishes to thrive as it has in the past.
    • I am from England, of course, and, as such, consider rain to be part of my daily needs.
    • He explained that there were more than enough resources to satisfy all basic human needs.
    • Petitioners were particularly concerned about children with special educational needs being co-located with Greenhead.
    • With the planner, consumers can devise eating plans to address specific nutritional needs.
    • In all cases, projects are anchored to the curriculum and serve an unmet need in the community.
    • They understand that basic human needs are immediate - red tape doesn't feed a hungry person.
    • Ely highlights specific needs of the students age 25 and older.
    • The vehicle can also be fitted with a whole range of items to suit the particular needs of specific customers.
    • Blix strongly believes that nuclear energy is a prerequisite for satisfying the future energy needs of the world.
    • Sadly, the band's most recent work satisfies this desperate need to an alarming degree.
    • Universities must adapt to serve the changing needs of their users, as defined in some version of a market.
    • We must take responsibility for the consequences of how we fulfill our basic human needs.
    • Essential medicines are those that satisfy the priority health care needs of the population.
    • Actually what my colleagues and I see is that children's mental health needs are not being recognized.
    • I mean, he's already on the road holding town meetings on children's healthcare needs.
    • What are you doing to find out how your customers' needs are changing?
    • Within this framework, health care providers should take patients' needs into consideration.
    • More effort should be made to fulfill students' learning needs in the content area.
    • Make a real effort to understand your client's needs, goals and objectives.
    • The limited amount of needs assessment undertaken by groups was a reflection of this.
    • So why haven't these stronger roles translated in greater pressure on governments to address urgent housing needs?
  • 2

    • 2.1(emergency)

      he abandoned them in their hour of need los abandonó cuando más lo necesitaban / cuando más falta les hacía

    • 2.2(poverty)

      necesidad feminine
      those in need los necesitados
      • Flo is just the kind of player Peter Reid didn't require in his hour of need.
      • Director Denise Carter urged the people of Bradford to make cash donations for Claire in her hour of need.
      • Dependent on their families, they simply didn't know who to turn to in their hour of need.
      • If they persist, they may find that relativism will prove a poor friend in their hour of need.
      • A pioneering telephone prayer line has been set up to reach villagers in their hour of need.
      • We also know what cabinet ministers promised to succor them in their hour of need.
      • And he has decided to put the skills he has learned to good use by helping the Wasps in their hour of need.
      • It is easy to see why the First Minister turned to Ward in an hour of need.
      • She's been a tower of strength to me in my hour of need and is a true friend.
      • I am 74 years old and felt left alone with nobody to look after me in my hour of need.
      • How can they be available for a photo opportunity but not there to help people in their hour of need?
      • If Otley fails to support its own in their hour of need or joy then it is a disgraceful state of affairs.
      • The tartan taunts did not prevent him turning to a compatriot in his hour of need.
      • Most of us, no matter how poor, can find a doctor to take care of us in our hour of need.
      • Yeadon have been grateful for a number of part-time cricketers helping them out in their hour of need.
      • It was fortunate that, in its hour of need, the country was able to call upon so capable a man.
      • The Storm boss pleaded with supporters to stop moaning and get out and support the team in their hour of need.
      • I just hope that I can be of some small assistance to them in this their most urgent hour of need.
      • I ought to make myself useful to my homeland, to the best of my ability, in its hour of need.
      • Back in 1990, 375 people were accepted as homeless and in " priority housing need " in Southampton.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to need -ing, to need to be + pp
    to need to + inf tener que + inf
    do you need the hammer? ¿necesita / precisa el martillo?
    • just what I needed! ¡justo lo que necesitaba / lo que me hacía falta!
    • you really need a shower! ¡qué falta te hace una ducha!
    • all it needed was a bit of salt solo le faltaba un poco de sal
    • that's all we need! ¡lo que nos faltaba!
    • who needs a swimming pool anyway! total, ¿para qué quiero (or queremos etc.) una piscina?
    • I need you, Harry Harry, te necesito
    • you're needed over at the information desk te necesitan en el mostrador de información
    • I need someone to look after the children necesito a alguien que me cuide a los niños
    • the soup needs another twenty minutes a la sopa le faltan 20 minutos
    • I took a badly needed break me tomé un descanso, que buena falta me hacía
    • it needs dedication/great concentration requiere dedicación/gran concentración
    • Your support is urgently needed to ensure the success of this worthy endeavor.
    • Each attack requires a costly clean-up, using money which is desperately needed for other purposes.
    • Everyone appreciates that the government urgently needs to address a wad of issues - the most obvious being poverty.
    • Another population of Asiatic lions is desperately needed in order to safeguard the survival of this subspecies.
    • In a society where instant gratification is the norm, patience is a value our children sorely need to learn.
    • The team now needs to understand the reasons for this.
    • The money is badly needed: attracting visitors is harder than ever.
    • New and regular donors are now needed in order to help keep pace with demand from the region's hospitals.
    • You only need to worry if he seems upset about rejection by friends.
    • "He'll probably need counselling, " I whisper to the Boss.
    • There is a pressing need to improve mechanisms to effectively prevent and deter acts of terrorism.
    • Assistance is needed to keep the place tidy.
    • East Yorkshire pig farmers don't need reminding of that.
    • In most hospitals the number of patients needing treatment far exceeded the number of cots available.
    • A student spotted the pistol in his clothes, and several distressed students needed counselling afterwards.
    • Volunteers are needed to ensure Toys for Tots is a successful campaign.
    • If you think your child needs stitches, call the doctor right away.
    • Permission is still needed on an individual case basis.
    • Volunteers are needed to look after some of Wiltshire's most popular historical sites.
    • Indeed this is the precise opposite of what children currently need to learn.
    • Clinicians need to understand that this recommendation can reduce the risk of errors.
    • At least one clarification is needed at this point, however.
    • The real question we need to ask is what is evil and what is good?
    • We need look no further than those supposed to represent our interests in government.

modal verb

  • 1

    (be obliged to)
    you needn't come if you don't want to no hay necesidad de que vengas / no hace falta que vengas / no tienes por qué venir si no tienes ganas
    • she need never know no tiene por qué enterarse
    • you needn't look so pleased with yourself no hace falta que pongas esa cara de satisfacción
    • you needn't have come all the way here no hacía falta que te vinieras hasta aquí
    • I need hardly say that … de más está decir que …
    • need you be so rude? ¿hay necesidad de ser tan grosero?
  • 2

    (be necessarily)
    that needn't always be the case no tiene por qué ser así
    • it need not follow that such phenomena are related no hay por qué concluir que tales fenómenos están relacionados
    • that needn't mean that … eso no significa necesariamente que …