Translation of nefarious in Spanish:


nefando, adj.

Pronunciation /nəˈfɛriəs/ /nɪˈfɛːrɪəs/


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    nefando literary
    nefario literary
    • All this does is make celebrities out of these crooks and encourages them to continue with their nefarious activities.
    • Such nefarious activity sounds absurd - we are, after all, talking about the theft of objects that exist only on screen.
    • I don't know if this was because she was just trying to be unobtrusive, or if she thought we were up to some nefarious activity.
    • Also I was told that wizards keep ghosts for their nefarious activities.
    • How many people were involved in nefarious activity made the journey?
    • It is supported in its nefarious activities by a popular press acting as piranhas voraciously feeding on the shreds that remain.
    • It was just a rock known for nefarious activities that took place there.
    • She was also known for her escapades as a spy and for her various other nefarious activities.
    • Concerned good citizens who think they may have discovered some nefarious doings should email the anti piracy team here.
    • Yet he is not cheating in the way most of us understand the term - he is not seeking to gain an advantage by nefarious means.
    • They hit us where it hurts and do their damnedest to sell us products we neither want nor need in all manner of nefarious ways.
    • Through other nefarious means, the spammer has also built up a list of email addresses.
    • They haven't reckoned with the intervention of the French wine Mafia, who kidnap the kid for nefarious purposes.
    • They are the most nefarious villains of all because their purpose is never clear.
    • Al is hunting for Beta, a master criminal who makes illegal dittos of famous people for nefarious purposes.
    • I know I sure wouldn't like to meet such dangerous and nefarious characters down a dark alleyway.
    • Criminals don't carry out their nefarious acts in and around taxis.
    • For that, social introspection is required at all levels to identify the root causes of such nefarious crimes.
    • It is not a pretty wreck but its nefarious history makes it intriguing.
    • If you are here on a search for nefarious things, I'm afraid I have no nefarious things.