Translation of nervous in Spanish:


nervioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnərvəs/ /ˈnəːvəs/

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  • 1

    (apprehensive, tense)
    to be nervous about sth/-ing
    to feel/get nervous estar/ponerse nervioso
    • she gets terribly nervous se pone nerviosísima
    • We were pretty stressed and nervous about taking Arthur after the horrible accident of last weekend.
    • The days are gone when I am going to get nervous about games or worry about whether or not I play well.
    • I was, as ever, tense and nervous about the whole thing but I found it quite interesting and nicely handled.
    • Investors were uneasy about its profit outlook and nervous about the Australian business.
    • You're jittery, and shaky, and always seem slightly nervous about something.
    • I was nervous about the whole thing and worried that something bad would happen to us all.
    • Yes, I think we are almost at the leading edge, but I am a bit nervous about getting too far ahead.
    • You must have been a little bit nervous of what the safety situation is there.
    • His first show in the city, Rocky was plainly nervous about the response.
    • Backstage, she admitted to being nervous about her debut live performance.
    • Warn the airline if you are exceptionally nervous about flying.
    • Foreign investors are nervous about coming in because of the deteriorating security situation.
    • But we have been nervous about the UK economy overheating for some time now.
    • I was really nervous about the gig because I'd have to introduce him.
    • Some visitors are still nervous about coming to the townships of Soweto.
    • Not that I had anything to really be nervous about, you understand.
    • I was getting nervous about my caretaker because I hadn't heard from him in a few days.
    • I was pretty nervous about what to post, so the kind feedback is truly appreciated!
    • I wasn't nervous about how the play would be received - nothing like that at all.
    • He admits being a little shy and nervous about sending his work off to big labels, but realizes it's gotta get done.
  • 2

    (system/tissue/tension) nervioso
    a nervous complaint un problema nervioso
    • she's a nervous wreck es un manojo de nervios
    • nervous collapse colapso nervioso
    • nervous exhaustion agotamiento nervioso
    • One might imagine that nervous tissue consists of nerve cells and very little else.
    • Too ill to work and plagued by nervous disorders, these victims have almost given up on life.
    • He also said the woman's case history files showed she had been treated for nervous disorders.
    • Stress and other psychological factors such as anxiety cause bowel symptoms by affecting this nervous control.
    • This aspect may cause frequent headaches and also can produce nervous disorders.
    • He attributed the nervous disorders of his later life to the shock of these deaths.
    • He isolated it as a nervous disease and explained it physiologically as a disorder of the brain.
    • It is an excited nervous feeling though, full of expectation and anticipation.
    • The thought of his blind date gives him a rush of anticipatory nervous excitement.
    • I commented on this and was told the rashes were a nervous reaction to low-flying jets and explosions.
    • Jimmy always talked through matches, almost like a nervous reaction.
    • Feet slipping beneath them, they gripped the rail and stared at the ice, nervous excitement etched on their faces.
    • Taxiing back from our test flight, there was a kind of nervous excitement in the cabin.
    • Most of the girls were up at the crack of dawn because of their nervous excitement.
    • A cry of nervous excitement broke through the chill, winter air and Washington nodded once more grimly.
    • By the time the race takes place, I was feeling something of the nervous excitement which grips the city.
    • I eyed the folder in her hands with both nervous excitement and a little bit of foreboding.
    • So Fiona Shaw presents us with a woman who is wreathed in actorly display yet is also in a state of nervous panic.
    • He is wearing a white polo and dark jeans and he is biting his lip in a fit of nervous anxiety.
    • Thoroughly demoralized by my dream, I was in a state of nervous fright by the time I got to the venue.
    • There is a kind of indifferent nervous energy in the later works which makes this quite plausible.
    • The end result of all that nervous energy was, unsurprisingly, an ugly push into the rough and a bogey start.
    • Up in the scorebox, Christie kept the board ticking along with all the nervous energy that explains why he hates just watching.
    • The nervous and physical energy expended drained him in the second half, hence his withdrawal, said Williamson.
    • He has a nervous energy that makes his onstage presence intense and mesmerizing.
    • They will also know that dogs that do not receive enough exercise tend to chew, bark and bite as their excess nervous energy builds up.
    • I had been pacing around on the patio burning off nervous energy and this brought me to a halt.