Traducción de neurologist en Español:


neurólogo, n.

Pronunciación /n(j)uˈrɑlədʒəst/ /n(j)əˈrɑlədʒəst/ /njʊˈrɒlədʒɪst/

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    neurólogo masculino
    neuróloga femenino
    • My internist referred me to a neurologist, who sent me for an MRI.
    • The neurologists explained that head injuries often cause people to lose track of days.
    • He was examined by a neurologist at the time of admission.
    • She had qualified as both a neurologist and psychiatrist.
    • By this time, neurologists had diagnosed that Sue had multiple sclerosis.
    • I think you need to see a consultant neurologist straight away.
    • In my final week, I shadowed Dr. Koehn, a pediatric neurologist.
    • He was an outstanding clinical neurologist whose work on migraine earned him an international reputation.
    • He was trained by eminent neurologist Prof. Raymond Garcin at the Salpêtrière Hospital.
    • An eminent behavioural neurologist, he has spent many years understanding why and how people remember and forget.