Translation of neutrality in Spanish:


neutralidad, n.

Pronunciation /n(j)uˈtrælədi/ /njuːˈtralɪti/

Definition of neutralidad in Spanish


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    neutralidad feminine
    • In every important strike the bourgeois press is forced to drop its spurious neutrality.
    • His comments were the third time in recent days where a government minister has interpreted Ireland's neutrality.
    • They also asked government workers to maintain political neutrality in the upcoming parliamentary votes.
    • During a speech in Athens she said concerns over neutrality had been addressed at the recent EU summit in Seville.
    • Hitherto the question of neutrality or intervention had been largely theoretical.
    • The alleged neutrality of the UN is a fiction.
    • Moreover, the positive side to Irish neutrality, our promotion of diplomatic settlements, our proud UN peacekeeping traditions, must be maintained.
    • Despite its neutrality, Belgium was attacked by the Germans in 1914 in order to circumvent the French fortifications along the Franco-German border.
    • Japan concluded the Anglo-Japanese Alliance to ensure that London maintained a benevolent neutrality.
    • For anyone who sees this fact clearly, neutrality, silence or private disapproval are not options.
    • The claim to moral neutrality, sometimes made by strategists, is another shortcoming identified by critics.
    • Even the high principles of liberal internationalism, with an emphasis on the League of Nations and collective security, made neutrality problematic.
    • But geographic remoteness alone did not determine America's neutrality.
    • Switzerland joined the League of Nations, whose headquarters were in Geneva, but regards membership in the UN as incompatible with its neutrality.
    • They are opposed on a lot of grounds, but mainly out of a sense of fear for Bulgarian safety and neutrality.
    • In reality, as the conflict in Bosnia cruelly showed, neutrality can become discreditable as well as counterproductive.
    • The adversarial system, and the public and official neutrality of the decision makers, are closely related.
    • Complete impartiality and neutrality are the necessary conditions for winning the trust of the conflicting sides.
    • It also reconfirmed its anti-militarism manifest in its tiny regular army and long-standing neutrality.
    • Our neutrality would have eliminated any need for the German submarine offensive in the Atlantic and so would have kept America out of the war too.