Translation of never in Spanish:


nunca, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈnɛvər/ /ˈnɛvə/

Definition of nunca in Spanish


  • 1

    (at no time) nunca
    (more emphatic) jamás
    he never helps nunca ayuda
    • I've never heard anything like it! ¡nunca / jamás he oído nada semejante!
    • never in all my life have I been so insulted en mi vida me habían insultado de ese modo
    • never in a million years did I think I'd win jamás (en la vida) pensé que iba a ganar
    • never again will I try to help her jamás volveré a tratar de ayudarla
    • never again would she see his face nunca más volvería a verlo
    • never before had she experienced such pain nunca había sentido tanto dolor
    • we need our allies as never before necesitamos a nuestros aliados como nunca / más que nunca
    • it's never happened yet hasta ahora, nunca ha sucedido
    • Throughout all this he never ever showed any remorse or any emotion for what he had done.
    • She leapt out of bed and made him swear never ever to say anything like that again or it would put her off.
    • We should not be so foolish as to believe these things will never return in the future.
    • Nothing like this has ever happened in the area before and probably never will again.
    • She could never have such faith in the future, and that is why she chose not to have children.
    • Flora also talks of her hopes for the future and how she feels about the father she has never met.
    • I used to drive past it all the time in a previous job but never went into the grounds.
    • He had never been late for training and if he was ever running late he would ring to let us know.
    • He said he'd never had any experience with this and no one had ever raised this before.
    • There was never a shortage in the past and it's too early to blame the lack of kids out playing.
    • All very spooky and enough to make you never want to go near some parts of the Park ever again.
    • William had been on their minds ever since he left but he was never a topic between them.
    • I've taken a lot of trips but never something that's taken so much to get to one place.
    • My visits to the cinema never stretch beyond the odd foray to the Glasgow film theatre.
    • It was a decade of my life that I will always hold dear to my heart and a time that will never be forgotten.
    • According to them we never think about money and don't even know what an overdraft is.
    • He had never told his parents and only many years later told relatives what happened.
    • Luke lives with his parents and grandparents on a farm that has never been painted.
    • By the time four days had elapsed I just thought that was it and I would never see it again.
    • She said she has never heard of a single errant cyclist being brought to book in Kingston.
  • 2

    • 2.1(used for emphasis)

      she said she'd call but she never did dijo que llamaría pero no llamó
      • really? I never knew that ¿ah sí? no sabía
      • they never once thanked me no me dieron las gracias ni una vez
      • she never so much as said hello ni siquiera saludó
      • this will never do! ¡esto no puede ser!
      • never fear: Peter's here no se preocupen que aquí estoy yo

    • 2.2informal (expressing incredulity)

      I walked all the way — never! hice todo el camino a pie — ¡no me digas! / ¿en serio?
      • I told her everything — you never did! se lo conté todo — ¡no te creo! / ¡mentira!
      • he did it! — he never! lo logró — ¡no! / ¡mentira!
      • What me? Never!