Translation of New Age in Spanish:

New Age

New Age, adj.


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    New Age
    de la Nueva Era
    New Age traveler seguidor de la New Age or Nueva Era
    • New Age traveller seguidor de la New Age or Nueva Era
    • Some people equate the concept of holistic health with the New Age movement.
    • In many ways the New Age movement is the first successful manifestation of a holistic and multi-faceted approach to life.
    • Historically, there were several 19th Century antecedents of the New Age movement.
    • His works have gained a following among those following a New Age spirituality.
    • Not for me the New Age rock bands with names I cannot pronounce and lyrics I can neither hear nor understand - or so I thought.
    • Angel therapy is a type of New Age therapy based on the notion that communicating with angels is the key to healing.
    • There is no need to buy expensive tools from some overpriced New Age shop.
    • They don't romanticize the instrument's folk origins or go in for New Age contrivances.
    • Alas, I turned to New Age beliefs and practices including horoscopes and crystals.
    • In today's New Age mass market, where a guru is born every minute, the Dalai Lama has remained contemporary.
    • Also featured will be children's activities from bread-making to karaoke, an outdoor pizza oven, and a New Age fair.
    • Today, the island is a haven for artists and New Age types.
    • Since, most of the wisdom that New Age draws upon, is based upon Ancient Wisdom.
    • The chief purpose of the text seems to be to caution Catholics on the distinction between New Age beliefs and Roman Catholic doctrine.
    • Every bookstore worth its name carries at least a decently-sized New Age section.
    • These are just some things to watch out for when evaluating New Age services.
    • Much of this sounds as if it belonged on an alchemist's parchment or perhaps in some New Age yoga manual.
    • If I were into meditation or some other New Age sort of thing I could see myself meditating to it.
    • Fortunately, the touchy-feely New Age pretensions don't spoil the fun.
    • These New Age messages differed little from what some mainstream churches had to offer.

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    • El movimiento de la New Age cree que se debe tener un enfoque más holístico de la vida. Se originó en California en los años 70 y se extendió rápidamente a través de EEUU. Sus adherentes rechazan el materialismo y respetan los ciclos de la naturaleza ya que pueden ayudar a restablecer el balance espiritual y restablecer armonía dentro del entorno.