Traducción de news en Español:


Pronunciación /n(j)uz/ /njuːz/


  • 1

    (fresh information)
    a piece / item of news una noticia
    • I have (some) good/bad news tengo buenas/malas noticias
    • we've had some sad news hemos recibido una triste noticia / noticias muy tristes
    • have you heard the news? ¿te has enterado de lo que ha pasado?
    • tell me all your news! ¡cuéntame qué novedades tienes!
    • the news of her dismissal la noticia de su despido
    • they waited for further news quedaron a la espera de más noticias / de mayor información
    • there's no news of any survivors no se tiene noticia de que hayan sobrevivientes
    • we've had no news of him no hemos tenido noticias de él
    • how can we get news to him that … ? ¿cómo podemos hacerle saber que …?
    • it was news to me that she'd got married para mí era una novedad que se había casado
    • if you think that, have I got news for you! si eso crees, ahora te vas a enterar / te vas a llevar una sorpresa
    • news travels fast ¡cómo corren las noticias!
    • She's been saying this for a few weeks, not just since the recent news story.
    • The site will also feature an hour-by-hour weblog of campaign events and news stories.
    • As a result, concerned citizens do not receive timely news about political issues that they want.
    • A number of good internet sites contain news on current events as well as background articles.
    • In the life of a migrant, the big news event is not who came in first in the Bass Hill election.
    • So other recent news was about media studies being taught at primary school level.
    • It would take a long essay to answer this question, but some recent news could provide a hint.
    • But just two months before the big day she received the terrific news that a match had been found.
    • Doctors are already geared up to carry out the major operation within six hours of receiving the vital news.
    • Problem number two is that the recent economic news has been pretty poor from Labour's point of view.
    • He received news of his friend's death via a cryptic message left on his cell phone.
    • At the end of every vigil we make a circle and share news and announce other events and concerns.
    • This news has been well received by some residents who were beginning to lose faith in the council a few weeks ago.
    • But recent news from doctors suggests that he could return to work as early as Easter.
    • In a related note, this tiny nation has been making the rounds in world news in recent times.
    • I had the day off work on Friday, so I went round to Fay's and received some unexpected news.
    • Nokia did receive better news with the continued turnaround in its mobile phone division.
    • On March 22nd we received some of the best news we could have received at that time.
    • Then he received some startling news from a phone call that all his searching was wasted.
    • Sharp swings on world markets were caused by a decidedly mixed batch of recent news.
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    Periodismo Radio Televisión
    noticias femenino
    the international/sports news la información internacional/deportiva
    • news in brief resumen de noticias
    • she's been in the news a lot recently últimamente se ha hablado mucho de ella / ha salido mucho en las noticias
    • the six o'clock news las noticias / el informativo / el noticiario de las seis
    • to listen to/watch the news oír / escuchar/ver las noticias / el informativo etc.
    • news editor redactor de noticias
    • the news headlines el resumen informativo / de noticias
    • news item noticia
    • There's a story in the news reporting that Oxford Street may get a pedestrian fast lane.
    • Issues about or affecting teenagers are regularly in the news, but we seldom hear what they have to say.
    • The evil ones are not afraid of officials, they are only afraid of being reported in the news.
    • Most of it seemed familiar, almost all of it is stuff we'd read in news reports and seen in the news but forgotten.
    • Ashay was back in the news today with a somewhat confused article in the Royal Gazette.
    • Next week there will be a special Science Show about an Australian animal in the news.
    • Even journalists cannot enter to publish the news, and the situation there is so bad.
    • The idea is to engage and involve viewers in the news, and to stimulate public debate.
    • It was all in the news and I was just dumbfounded by what I was hearing on the TV.
    • This issue has been in the public domain for quite some time; it has been in the news.
    • So the idea that philosophy does relate to the everyday concerns reflected in the news is not a fanciful one at all.
    • How we, as a society handle complaints of child abuse seems to be constantly in the news.
    • This issue got more play during the time when campaign finance reform was in the news.
    • The coaches are in the news at the moment and it got me thinking about what it is that makes a good coach.
    • The church and its leader have been in the news at times for various reasons.
    • Rover is still in the news today and still the government haven't done anything.
    • Smash and grab from motor cars at stop streets or traffic lights has been in the news.
    • Wendy's friend Jeff was able to tell Astor why the Astoria project was in the news.
    • Let's just list some of the outrageous assertions and omissions in the news today.
    • As it happens, there's been a spate of criminal women in the news and other media lately.