Translation of newsletter in Spanish:


boletín informativo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈn(j)uzˌlɛdər/ /ˈnjuːzlɛtə/


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    boletín informativo masculine
    church newsletter hoja parroquial
    • These thoughts are prompted by a quarterly newsletter issued by my accountants.
    • His club also mails out quarterly newsletters to members and the community.
    • Members will receive a member number, monthly newsletters and a free Web listing.
    • The local newspapers and newsletters also got a special mention for their publicity.
    • Membership is between £2 and £5 a year and members receive four newsletters a year.
    • At the moment we hold two reunions a year and members receive two newsletters a year.
    • The exact details will be forwarded to members in a newsletter in the coming weeks.
    • Web sites and newsletters from professional organizations are also good resources to use.
    • In May, 1998, we converted from a fortnightly newsletter to a daily news operation.
    • We've been talking about archived files for the last few issues of the newsletter.
    • I received a lot of feedback regarding the issue since the last newsletter was mailed.
    • In each issue of the newsletter, make sure that your deadlines are clearly stated.
    • We hold annual reunions, publish a quarterly newsletter and are looking to increase our membership.
    • Monthly newsletters were often filled with reports on recent articles or books on children.
    • The website also allows users to participate in opinion polls, receive daily newsletters and give feedback.
    • Back copies of community newsletters and local newspapers will contain the recent history of many local issues.
    • Over 1,700 people signed up and since then they have been receiving monthly newsletters about projects in need of help.
    • The Environment Agency is sending out weekly newsletters to homeowners in flood-hit areas offering advice.
    • There are various newsletters and magazines, but these generally reach a very limited audience.
    • The deadline for all articles to be included in the weekly newsletter will be Thursday night.