There are 2 main translations of nice in Spanish

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amable, adj.

Pronunciation /naɪs/ /nʌɪs/

Definition of amable in Spanish

adjective nicer, nicest

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    • 1.1

      (kind, amiable) amable
      (kind-hearted) bueno
      (friendly) simpático
      to be nice about sth
      • it was entirely our fault, but he was very nice about it
      to be nice to sb ser amable con algn
      tratar bien a algn

      • she's very nice to me
      • how nice of you to ask us
      you're too nice te pasas de bueno informal
      • he's a very nice person es muy buena persona
      • she did it in the nicest possible way lo hizo con mucha delicadeza
      • I was very nice to the guy who called, after all, he was just the survey taker.
      • The girls loved Chris, the guys were cool with him, and he was relatively nice to every person he met.
      • I wasn't going to be mean, because he was too nice of a person to make a snappy comment towards.
      • She was so nice to people she met too, signing autographs for everyone.
      • People being nice to me, pretty girls trying to be my friend, it didn't happen every day.
      • People were nice to me; they smiled, they laughed, they asked me how I was.
      • I used to think that everything could be solved by people being nice to each other.
      • His writing is amazing and he is the first blogger I read - but not a nice guy on a personal level.
      • Ray says he's a nice guy, but people are starting to get upset with him because he never turns off his cellphone.
      • This guy who I keep telling you about, he's nice to me again and talks to me like such a good friend.
      • There's a saying that if someone is nice to you and mean to the waiter, then he's not really a very nice person.
      • I think people are too nice to make too big a thing about it.
      • People were nice to me and also I am always good to the Japanese people when they come to America.
      • People are very nice to you and you get a chance to live a very interesting and exciting life.
      • How could an evil guy like Prince Jonas be friends with such a nice person as Adrian?
      • I mean, if you look like a nice guy, people are going to trust you.
      • They're always nice to all of us and they try to understand our problems and help us deal with them.
      • I got it from a friend of mine; she was really nice to make it for me.
      • He was especially nice to Mimi, whom he treated with a gentle solicitude both on and off camera, exactly how he must have been with Takako.
      • But they're so nice to be around and I don't feel bad about myself when they're near.

    • 1.2(attractive, appealing)

      (place/dress/face) bonito
      (place/dress/face) lindo Latin America
      (food) bueno
      (food) rico
      you look very nice today! ¡estás muy guapa / bonita hoy!
      • you look very nice in that suit ese traje te queda muy bien
      • the fish is very nice el pescado está muy bueno / rico
      • the soup smells nice la sopa huele bien
      • this is a nice mess we're in! ¡nos hemos metido en una buena!
      • If estate agents were in charge, there'd be none of this - it'd be something nice, pleasant and attractive.
      • The majority of men will always find images of attractive women nice to look at.
      • The film is billed as a romance, but the two travellers spend too long exchanging pleasantries and being nice to each other to get any sparks going.
      • She's one of those fun, lovely, nice to know, but never-to-be-relied-upon types.
      • I still think it must be nice to be so accepted, so certain of who and what you are, but that's not me.
      • We didn't win but it was nice to have been accepted on our first attempts.
      • Individually I dare say they are all sweet and lovely and nice to their kids and help the old folks across the roads.
      • While it would have been nice to get two wins in Victoria, Mason was satisfied with his team's play.
      • It would be nice to make the town more attractive to its residents.
      • Simply add a spoonful or two of yoghurt to your green lettuce to get a nice quick and satisfying snack.
      • Isn't there something nice and satisfying about the feel of a new roll of kitchen foil?
      • It's nice to entertain the crowd and I certainly try to do that if I get in, but that's not the main focus.
      • While it would be nice to be able to cure everything with a nice, neat, simple solution, life is not like that.
      • It was nice to see them and we had a pleasant afternoon and evening.
      • By way of an experiment you could always try being nice to us - you might be pleasantly surprised.
      • Previously for coastal France I've only been to the Med and it is nice to see waves again; they make a beach complete.
      • A nice attractive business district around the station was a far cry from Detroit.
      • Jackson gave the thumbs up sign, and let a nice, big, satisfied grin sweep over his face.
      • A one-day game is like a nice film - briefly satisfying, but seldom remaining long in the memory.
      • If it has attractive art and nice looking parts I'm much more inclined to give it a try.

    • 1.3(enjoyable)

      (walk/surprise) agradable
      (walk/surprise) lindo Latin America
      did you have a nice vacation? ¿disfrutaste de las vacaciones?
      • it's nice to have met you me alegro de haberlo conocido

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    I had a nice hot shower me di una buena ducha caliente
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    (respectable, decent)
    he seemed such a nice boy parecía tan buen chico
    • it isn't a very nice area es un barrio bastante feo
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    (move/shot/job) bueno
  • 5

    • 5.1(fine, subtle)

      (distinction/point/detail) sutil
      (distinction/point/detail) fino
      • It is not the sort of nonsense that can arise even in the best system of law out of the need to draw nice distinctions between borderline cases.
      • In fact, I doubt that the nice distinction which Mr Mostyn sought to draw will be capable of identification in most cases.
      • I think you really made a nice point.
      • It is a nice point, and it is for that reason that I am anxious to obtain your opinion.

    • 5.2literary (discriminating)

      • But she is nice and coy.
      • The figure of Justice, you know, is represented with a balance to weigh out to every one his due, with nice and scrupulous exactness.

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