Translation of night in Spanish:


noche, n.

Pronunciation /naɪt/ /nʌɪt/

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    • 1.1(period of darkness)

      noche feminine
      (flight/patrol) (before noun) nocturno
      the (Tales of the) Thousand and One Nights (los cuentos de) las mil y una noches
      • at this time of night a estas horas de la noche
      • all night (long) toda la noche
      • at night por la noche
      • it was eleven o'clock at night eran las once de la noche
      • it rained during the night llovió durante la noche
      • she woke up in the middle of the night se despertó por la noche / durante la noche
      • long into the night hasta muy entrada la noche
      • night after night noche tras noche
      • to be on / do / work nights trabajar de noche
      • last night anoche
      • the night before last anteanoche
      • we stayed (for) the night nos quedamos a dormir
      • we spent the night in/at a hotel dormimos en un hotel
      • we looked for a place to spend / stay the night buscamos un lugar dónde dormir
      • to spend a sleepless night pasar una noche en vela / en blanco
      • night depository caja de depósitos nocturnos
      • night safe caja de depósitos nocturnos
      • the night sky el cielo nocturno
      • At night the sky had been swept clean of clouds and the stars were blazing in the moonless night.
      • She loved starry nights, sunrises and sunsets, the moon, snow… her list could go on and on.
      • She loved going in there at night, especially on nights that the moon was full and shining brightly through the glass sun room.
      • Sam hated to drive at night, especially a night such as this when it was cold and windy.
      • A blackout at night might seem strange especially when the consumption of electricity during nights is half of the total national electricity production.
      • They are allowed outside in a pen during the day, but at night they are put inside with an arc heater to increase their chance of survival during the colder nights.
      • If the problem exists only at night, a medicine to reduce the volume of urine in the night is prescribed.
      • At night they are beautiful, illuminating as they do the splendour of the area.
      • At night, whole streets are kept awake by sirens which are just as loud as car horns, but unlike car horns they are not illegal.
      • At night it will glow bright white and it will look quite beautiful.
      • At night, this normally meek youth disturbed his fellow novices with violent ravings in his nightmares.
      • At night the convicts either slept in their seats or, if they were lucky, bunked down at a county jail en route.
      • At night, down on the water, they seem just beyond grasp, unreachably distant, like the past itself.
      • At night no one's talking to anyone; people make noise because there is no one to listen.
      • At night, the nine slept by four separate campfires, divided along gender and age lines.
      • At night, the moonlight that came through the doors was fantastic and mysterious.
      • At night, I was awakened by the piercing wind and burrowed under the quilt to escape the cold.
      • He says he has been unable to sleep at night and has been prescribed sleeping tablets by the doctor to help get through the night.
      • At night he sleeps in warehouses or under trees, no doubt worrying how he will manage to feed his children on such a paltry sum.
      • At night, the residents retired to the few cellars that had not been destroyed by a decade of war.

    • 1.2 literary (darkness)

      he disappeared into the night desapareció en la oscuridad de la noche
      • night fell cayó la noche
      • as black as night oscuro como una boca de lobo
      • Into the web we went, deeper and deeper into the night and into the darkness of the maze.

  • 2

    noche feminine
    last night anoche
    • on the night of the party la noche de la fiesta
    • first night noche del estreno
    • Last night's Eastern Evening News has predicted that I will win North Norfolk.
    • Last night at dinner my Mother was talking about her arrangements to go down to Cork on Tuesday.
    • On Friday night Chris approached us to do a skit for all the delegates after dinner on the last night.
    • Last night we went for dinner with our host for the day, Henny, in Noordwijk.
    • Last night was a quiet night in, just me and a few glasses of nice whiskey.
    • Last night she ate her dinner and she gobbled five peppermints right out of my hand.
    • She hadn't stayed up as late as she had last night since the night she met Christopher.
    • Last night ended up being one of the happiest nights of my life.
    • Last night I went out for a dinner that was both lovely and very very strange.
    • Last night we went to East Berlin to have dinner and to tramp around some of the bars.
    • Single parents were given the evening off last night while their kids did a spot of Christmas shopping.
    • The three party leaders spoke with one voice in the Evening Press last night.
    • We got to put all this domestic bliss into practice last night with a great evening.
    • There was discussion of going to the pub, but like last night we were stuffed and tired, so decided on early nights instead.
    • Of course, after a lot of late nights in a row, and with the flat so hot, there was little chance of me getting to sleep early last night.
    • Last night again, the fight ended in favour of the man from Edinburgh.
    • Last night, some parents said they were dismayed at the latest hike in fees which far outweighs yearly salary rises.
    • Last night, my friend would not allow his wife and a female friend to go down to their outside garage on their own.
    • Last night, I uttered five words, got up from my place at the table and left the restaurant without looking back.
    • Last night, in a fit of pique, just to show me up for a liar, she took her first steps with the cane.
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