Translation of ninth in Spanish:


noveno, adj.

Pronunciation /naɪnθ/ /ˈnʌɪnθ/

Definition of noveno in Spanish


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    → see also fifth
    • Some time around the ninth century, Sappho's nine books were irrecoverably lost.
    • It will be Hall's ninth tribunal appearance in nine seasons.
    • The strike constituted Crawford's ninth goal of the season.
    • An attempt at implementation constitutes the ninth stage of the systematic conservation planning process.
    • Dating from the late ninth century AD, the hoard includes silver coins, fragments of two swords, weights, a belt buckle, strap ends as well as the boat nails.
    • Alfred took measures to remedy that situation by importing books and scholars from the continent, thus gradually restocking the native libraries that had suffered during the ninth century.
    • Yesterday's win was his ninth of the season and the 62nd of his remarkable career.
    • Statistics on climate in northern Europe for the ninth to eleventh centuries are virtually non-existent.
    • Coinage was at a very early stage in all parts of Britain and Ireland during the ninth to eleventh centuries.
    • A few months after returning home, I had my ninth birthday.
    • He was the ninth of ten children and not his strict mother's favorite.
    • He was born at Johnstown, the ninth of 11 children.
    • The theme for this year's convention (the ninth in succession) is ‘Do not be identified with worldly life’.
    • Barrie was born in 1860, the ninth of 10 children.
    • Also, on a totally unrelated note, I'd like to point out to the good people of South West London that it is, in fact, the ninth of November and therefore a good few days past bonfire night.
    • I've just been informed that this is the ninth of May.
    • They're excited, and they're fired up about the upcoming election here on the ninth.
    • So, in effect, they're treating the ninth of September like the first of January, doing a twelve month retrospective.
    • The draw - their ninth of the campaign - was no more than they deserved against a team with Champions League aspirations.
    • This year will be the ninth time the bi-annual show has been held in Trowbridge Park and the Civic Hall and it usually attracts crowds of people from all over the area.


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    en noveno lugar
    → see also fifth


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    noveno masculine
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    novena parte feminine