Translation of nix in Spanish:


Pronunciation /nɪks/

See Spanish definition of rechazar


  • 1

    nix on that! ¡ni hablar! informal
    • nix on the mustard nada de mostaza

transitive verb

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    • The UN and the Saudis had lined up several countries to contribute troops, and the interim Iraqi government was on board - but the deal was nixed at the last minute by the Americans.
    • There were no quiet sighs of relief when the deal was nixed?
    • Bell's regulatory guys told me it was not Texas that nixed the deal.
    • And that's what makes nixing the negative behavior so hard.
    • The voices of reason (that's you guys) were pretty much in favor of nixing the hamster/gerbil idea.
    • Now's the time to refine yourself, perhaps by nixing the gossip.
    • That means nixing his more loyal lieutenants in favor of Christopher.
    • It had hoped that by firmly nixing the treaty, it would force everyone back to the drawing board to negotiate a new approach.
    • Could it be a little well-timed revenge for the court's nixing his wife's plea agreement?
    • In fact, there's a rumor that the former president wanted to include his favorite sweet, a fresh, cream-filled cupcake, but the idea was nixed by Hillary.
    • Plans to construct the largest US embassy in the world in Baghdad should be nixed immediately, and we should lease space or purchase an existing building.
    • It also nixed another ad promoting vegetarianism.
    • He left the company shortly after the sale was nixed.
    • There were three boxes of juvenile cereals, and she'd nixed each one.
    • But the city nixed both ideas, which sent everybody back to the drawing board.
    • He said he had wanted to ask me out on a date when he was between marriages, but nixed the idea because my job made me too intimidating.
    • Nothing demonstrates the continuing leftward tilt in the Democratic Party more clearly than the makeup of the new City Council, which will negotiate budgets with the mayor and pass or nix his legislation.
    • The Commission's proposals also nix the possibility of computerizing a method or technique that was already known or the computer implementation of a business of similar method.
    • No wait, nix that, I'm already about to be reminded what I had for lunch.
    • So before your workouts, nix the stretching and instead do light cardio for 10 minutes.