Translation of no-no in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈnoʊ ˌnoʊ/


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    eating with your fingers is a no-no comer con las manos es algo que no se hace / que está mal visto
    • So an office at that end of the building is a definite no-no as the droning hum could drive me mad.
    • That sort of event was a definite no-no and he worked hard to prevent such things.
    • Wiggling out was a definite no-no since he had already made sure that I had nowhere else to turn to.
    • This is a definite no-no if you're looking for quality protein to add to your active lifestyle.
    • Traditional wisdom says that if you care about fat and pounds, then ice cream is a definite no-no.
    • Smoking is a definite no-no, while alcohol consumption should be kept at sensible limits.
    • The first rays of the morning sun can do terrible damage, so an east-facing wall is a definite no-no.
    • He adds that typographical errors, hand written documents and bad grammar are major no-nos.
    • Is plagiarism a moral and ethical crime or just a naughty no-no?
    • It took me all of five minutes, for example, to conclude that high-waisted trousers and Botox are a definite no-no.
    • Dirt and grease under the fingernails is a no-no, as it detracts from a woman's jewellery and alters the taste of finger foods.
    • It sounded inviting, but I was told that swimming with the manatees was a no-no.
    • Compromising an intelligence source for political gain is a huge no-no.
    • Whether you're grabbing a meal on the run or topping up on a long drive, eating and driving is an absolute no-no.
    • Since he also caters for kids, obscenities and alcohol are a complete no-no.
    • Is it OK with everyone if we discuss the particulars or is that a no-no?
    • There were some people putting ropes on the whales and the wildlife officials say that's a no-no.
    • Chinese eateries are usually associated with pork, and that is a no-no for Muslims.
    • The embarrassment concluded with his attempt to kiss Princess Anne's hand, a royal no-no.
    • Biker jackets and high-tech styling are trends that might seem like a no-no for adults.