Translation of no man's land in Spanish:

no man's land

tierra de nadie, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnəʊ manz land/


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    tierra de nadie feminine
    • He was awarded the Military Cross after fearlessly walking into no-man's-land between the opposing troops to comfort wounded and dying soldiers.
    • Before the end of the war, however, the ineffectiveness of cavalry units in modern warfare had been realised and he was given a new, even more dangerous role - as a scout in no-man's-land.
    • At 5am on Christmas Day, British and German troops walk across no-man's-land, talking and exchanging souvenirs.
    • Now, everything seems transitional - we're in a sort of no-man's-land between the object and the information.
    • As a result of all this, there is really no word left to define that no-man's-land between youth and age.
    • On 15 September 1916, at the Battle of the Somme, after horrific infantry losses, forty-nine Mark I tanks were sent in to support infantry attacks across no-man's-land.
    • The most critical hour of your workday is 3 o'clock, that nutritional no-man's-land between lunch and dinner when your head starts to nod and your eyelids start clamping to your eyes.
    • For about 350 of those kilometers inside Iraq, it's complete no-man's-land.
    • As a result, many emerging companies found themselves in a kind of no-man's-land when it came to financing their future growth.
    • A shell erupted overhead, spraying no-man's-land with color and light, and Grundling saw what the sound was.
    • Meanwhile, the enemies on no-man's-land shake hands again and shut their respective gates with ferocious movements.
    • It thus appears to lie in what Stankov has called the no-man's-land between personality and intelligence.
    • Muhammad and Tahseen had helped me explore the back roads and smugglers' routes in the no-man's-land surrounding government-controlled Kirkuk.
    • And the no-man's-land between the two parties is where presidential contests are won and lost.
    • To the north, Americans and Kurdish fighters took up positions in the no-man's-land south of the Kurdish autonomous region.