Translation of nobly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈnoʊbli/ /ˈnəʊbli/


  • 1

    to be nobly born ser de noble cuna
    • Being nobly born, we all had our own horses.
    • They wanted to live nobly, that is, they wanted to live without working.
    • The seigneurial system was intimately bound up with the ideal of living nobly: it was designed to let seigneurs consume what peasants produced.
    • We are not royally born, but we're nobly born.
    • Margaret of Oingt was a nobly born French Carthusian nun.
    • Most of the nobly born have at one time or another sought to find progenitors among the Companions of the Conqueror.
    • Griselda is obligated to pledge complete obedience to her nobly born husband.
    • A man does not deserve any praise or honour just for being nobly born.
    • The proportion of nobly born spouses for peers' children reached an apex during this period.
    • The Greeks' practice of having the nobly bred women engage in weaving appears to be economic in purpose.
  • 2

    (bravely, selflessly)
    • He nobly sacrificed his life in a vain attempt to save the rest of his team.
    • I believe that you served our country nobly.
    • Seeing the wounded and unconscious Palamon and Arcite, who have fought nobly, he orders they should be tended but kept prisoner.
    • He was a fine and imaginative architect who nobly championed humanity against its many twentieth-century enemies.
    • On my birthday, numerous friends nobly fulfilled this requirement.
    • "Captain, I am certain it was an accident," she replied nobly.
    • The count was finally guillotined - he nobly turned himself in when the revolutionaries made a hostage of his lawyer.
    • They nobly make a decision to risk their lives while trying to slay their friend's murderer.
    • He knew that they had died nobly, and for that he was proud.
    • Nobly, he strove during his short time as emperor to bring about a negotiated peace between the warring powers.
    • He is a great soldier who has fought nobly in many battles.
    • They pressed bravely and nobly onward amid their trying circumstances.
    • Although not agreeing with my modernist convictions he stood by me, nobly true to friendship.
    • We suffer nobly, alone, because we do not want to spread our affliction.
    • He responded nobly to the challenge and took wonderful care of the family.
    • If this age is to survive, it must follow the way of love and non-violence that he so nobly illustrated in his life.
    • They fell doing their duty nobly, a death which they would have been the first to desire.
  • 3

    nobly proportioned de grandiosas / majestuosas proporciones
    • Thirty of the Academy's nobly titled 'Academicians' will show a large selection of work for their annual Christmas exhibition.
    • My new plate sets off my cupboard very nobly.
    • His voice was essentially lyrical, but he could raise it to nobly heroic heights.
    • Details were lovingly coloured while the grand sweep of the music was nobly maintained.
    • In this scene Savenko really found his form and gave a nobly moving account of Glinka's music.
    • The buildings are nobly proportioned and remarkably detailed.
    • Capitalism is co-opting social forces, such as surrealism, that once were nobly subversive.
    • The family farm is spread nobly along the coast.
    • As Imogene, she teases Bellini's nobly sculptured melodies mercilessly.
    • This mood is most nobly and unmistakably expressed in the opening theme of the Prelude.
    • Formerly it was nobly built and constructed with strong walls, which have now been left to the ravages of age.
    • That night they dine nobly again, with an excellent Madeira.