Translation of node in Spanish:


nódulo, n.

Pronunciation /noʊd/ /nəʊd/


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    • 1.1Anatomy

      nódulo masculine
      ganglio masculine
      • Fixed, firm, or matted lymph nodes and nodes larger than 1.5 cm require further evaluation.
      • Some of the calcium channel blockers also exert an inhibitory effect on the sinus and atrioventricular nodes, causing the heart rate to slow.
      • Computed tomographic scan of the chest and abdomen revealed multiple enlarged nodes in the retroperitoneum, superior mediastinum, and axillae.
      • These swollen lymph nodes appear most often in the underarm or neck areas, although if the inoculation lesion is on the leg, then the nodes in the groin will be affected.
      • Even small lung cancers show mediastinal node involvement.
      • In general, rate-responsive devices are preferred because they more closely simulate the physiologic function of the sinus node.

    • 1.2Botany

      nódulo masculine
      • For each plant, we recorded the number of leaf nodes producing flowers and the total fruit production.
      • Each shoot has several leaves arising from nodes located near its tip.
      • Both the stems and leaves, which occur in whorls at the node, are covered in hooks; these are thought to aid attachment to their support and allow the plant to climb without twining.
      • Make cuts on an angle and just above a node, where the leaf attaches to the stem.
      • The leaves from each node were dried and powdered separately.
      • In the tree there are 2 branches connecting two nodes or a tip and a node.

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    Computing Mathematics Electronics
    nodo masculine
    • With an Ethernet interface, each cable modem appears as a node on an Ethernet LAN.
    • A plurality of computer nodes communicate using seemingly random Internet Protocol source and destination addresses.
    • Network nodes can be notebooks, handheld computers or other devices that accept MeshNetworks' communications card.
    • The spread of cyber crimes is aided by the increased number of nodes on the Internet, increased processor speed, and readily available bandwidth.
    • Why would anyone want to go to all the trouble of building a network of wireless internet nodes in order to deliver voice and data services when companies such as Telecom and Vodafone have already done this?
    • While in St Petersburg he made one of his most famous discoveries when he defined the simple nodes and the frequencies of oscillation of a system.
    • Here a beam selectively pushes one size of particles toward a standing light wave, which directs the particles toward its nodes.
    • Consider a random walk on a graph where at each time point we move from the current node to one of its neighbors.
    • The first switch group is formed by switches, which are connected to nodes between the resistors.
    • Two measurement pads are in each case provided at the nodes between two resistors.
    • The slope of the chord between two nodes is the average of the slope of the tangents at the end points.
    • We prove this result when the curves have cusps and nodes, not in a prescribed position.