Translation of nominate in Spanish:


proponer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈnɑməˌneɪt/ /ˈnɒmɪneɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (for a post) proponer
    (for a post) postular Latin America
    to nominate sb for sth proponer a algn para algo
    postular a algn para algo
    • An eight-year-old boy with a heart defect and sight problems is starring in a new film which has been nominated for a BAFTA award.
    • Her film has apparently won two awards and was just nominated for a third in Sydney, Australia.
    • Mother Trisha Harwood has been nominated for a top award for helping her local school grow and branch out in the community.
    • He said even after so many years of being in the film industry he had never been nominated for that award.
    • The York Beer Shop has been nominated for an award in the Evening Press Eat Local competition.
    • Under the rules of the awards, category sponsors could not also be nominated for individual honours.
    • A four year old boy has been nominated for an award for his quick thinking which helped rescue his mum after she collapsed with an epileptic seizure.
    • Three candidates have been nominated for each vacant seat.
    • Teachers from two York schools have been nominated for prestigious teaching awards which will be announced at a ceremony next week.
    • Marysville has been nominated for a civic award for its efforts to assure citizens have clean water.
    • Two other members, Keelin McDonald and Tommy Cox were also nominated for award.
    • People can be nominated for the award up until midnight on October 31.
    • He was even nominated for the award of York's Millennium Person of the Past, later won by pacifist Joseph Rowntree.
    • Bardem was nominated for an Academy Award in the best actor in a leading role category for that same performance.
    • Since the release of his first album in 1989, he's been nominated for numerous awards.
    • He had been nominated for awards on previous occasions but this was his first time capturing a title.
    • A courageous young woman from the Selby area has been nominated for a prestigious award for her work as a young carer.
    • A spokesman for Lancashire Police said it was likely the pair would be nominated for bravery awards.
    • He was nominated for the award by a client who bought a car from him.
    • Two neighbours are to be nominated for an award by firefighters after rescuing a woman from her burning house.
    • Under the terms of the trust's loan agreement with the club, Bees United are now in a position to nominate a further director for appointment to the board of Brentford FC Limited.
    • Lin was nominated to the position last month after former president Benny Hu was ousted by the bank's board.
    • Cathryn stood out as someone with a real future in coaching, and we had no hesitation nominating her for the position.
    • He is the first member of the Assemblies of God to be a senator or governor, and only the second to be nominated for a cabinet position.
    • The latter was to be nominated by the President instead of being elected by the State Assembly.
    • They are not elected but are appointed or nominated and, therefore, are not accountable.
    • According to the constitution, the coalition will have seven days to nominate its Cabinet members.
    • That's why the President announced his intent to nominate Commissioner Kerik.
    • Even if the president nominates St. Francis of Assisi, the Democrats will find a way to paint him as ‘insensitive’ to ‘minority’ concerns.
    • Also, a filibuster is a strategy they cannot repeat every time the President nominates a conservative to the bench.
    • The president nominates Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns as his new secretary of agriculture.
    • Ukraine's president nominated her a day after his inauguration.
    • He has been nominated by a conservative president who wishes to put conservative judges on the bench.
    • Near the end of his term, the first President Bush nominated Boyle to the Fourth Circuit.
    • Bernanke was chairman of that council until the president nominated him to succeed Greenspan, at which point he resigned.
    • He was nominated by the first President Bush, and has a solid record as a conservative jurist.
    • Warren Miles was nominated vice president and John Byrnes was nominated president.
    • Conservatives have urged the president to not nominate him.
    • I was delighted to see the president nominate someone who had the outstanding professional qualifications.
    • It is essential to Republicans that the President nominate someone who is very solidly conservative.
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    (appoint, choose)
    (candidate) Politics proclamar US
    (candidate) Politics nominar US