Translation of nonplus in Spanish:


desconcertar, v.

Pronunciation /nɑnˈpləs/ /nɒnˈplʌs/

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transitive verb nonplussing, nonplussed

  • 1

    • No doubt middle class people will be nonplussed by my compliance with the doctor's wishes.
    • The boys are nonplussed by his invasion into their lives, to say the least.
    • Alex walked out slowly, nonplussed by the lack of surprise at his arrival.
    • Or would the man be so nonplussed by her weird action that he would just pretend it hadn't happened?
    • The word clearly nonplussed the interviewer, who interrupted the discussion to demand a definition.
    • And Jones was nonplussed by the record-breaking performance of the Australians.
    • All of this is good news for Carlyle's family of investors, who seem nonplussed by the questions swirling around the firm.
    • And coach Simon Jones was nonplussed by the record-breaking performance of the Australians.
    • The chair of the committee and my colleagues were nonplussed by the protest and several went to the open but draped windows to watch the street theatre.
    • She seemed nonplussed by that statement, and ignored it.
    • Many of those involved in the negotiations are nonplussed by the assertion that their efforts have ‘come to nothing’.
    • Nasa was nonplussed by the suggestion yesterday.
    • Moreover, I am totally nonplussed by this statement.
    • Hoggard looked tired and slightly nonplussed by events, which were both understandable reactions.
    • ‘Lauding,’ as Gates calls such devastating word games, confuses Wole, who, at this point of his development, is ignorant of the nature of language performance intended to nonplus the audience.
    • Pip is nonplussed by how much they seem to hate him.
    • The authorities, nonplussed by this silence, released the wife and reduced the accused son's sentence to banishment.
    • Similarly, a recent survey showed young Britons are nonplussed by German culture.