Translation of noob in Spanish:


noob, n.

Pronunciation /nub/ /nuːb/


  • 1

    noob masculine, feminine informal
    novato masculine
    novata feminine
    pardillo masculine Spain informal
    pardilla feminine Spain informal
    • I'll start by explaining a little background information for all the noobs who didnt watch the cartoon series.
    • Being a noob, I forgot to print out the map.
    • But we still think you're a noob.
    • Any noob can tell you this is not the way if you want to motivate your students to study hard and do well.
    • Social Development goes to a noob who seems to have never said a thing on the topic, while Labour is ranked bottom of the Cabinet.
    • It was a jungle when fresh graduates and wet-behind-the-ears geeks, noobs and dorks or what you will found their niche or felt outwitted by the more intelligent of the species.
    • That being said, I'm such a noob for not finding that article by myself.
    • Anyhow, every month all of our schools get newsletters that come with teaching tips and how-to-survive-in-Japan tips for noobs like me.
    • Also slightly unexpected is that of those surveyed, almost 30 percent were total Apple noobs, while 40 percent had never owned an iPod before.
    • More levels would be cool, finding new ways to take noobs to school on different levels is always the tops, but right now it rocks the potty with just one.
    • We are such noobs.
    • It took me ages to find out how Illustrator worked; I still consider me a noob after 5 years.