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normal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈnɔrməl/ /ˈnɔːm(ə)l/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(usual, standard)

      above/below normal por encima/por debajo de lo normal
      • when things get back to normal cuando todo vuelva a la normalidad
      • it's normal to tip the driver se acostumbra / se suele dar una propina al conductor
      • it's normal for them to react like that / it's normal that they should react like that es normal que reaccionen así
      • normal service will be resumed as soon as possible se reanudará la emisión lo antes posible
      • The news was on a repeat schedule at this hour since it was normal for them to repeat the news at night.
      • Under normal circumstances you would expect the latter to have a much lower price tag.
      • The queue of traffic had stopped again after moving a few meters, a pace which seemed about normal for the rush hour in the middle of York on a Wednesday morning.
      • More fixed price properties are appearing on the market than is normal for springtime, reflecting the shortage of buyers.
      • After that, you may expect to be swarmed by suitors, but that is normal for a young duchess as you will be.
      • He had to relax a bit, telling himself that it was normal for her to be depressed under these circumstances.
      • In much of England it is normal for families on average incomes to pay for private schooling, even if it means no money for anything else at all.
      • It's also normal for them not to tell you until the last minute.
      • Here, even though we've had more rain than is normal for a wet April, and some fields lay sodden and squelching, we seem to have escaped lightly.
      • It's not normal for someone my age to be surrounded by her parents, but it's nice to have them take care of me at the end of the day.
      • In the early nineteenth century it was quite normal for someone who held a powerful public office to use it to promote the interests of his family and friends.
      • It is becoming alarmingly normal for this newspaper to counsel crime, spread hate, and threaten lives.
      • Donating blood sixty times over a period spanning 25 years might be normal for a professional donor.
      • Mr Templeman said it was not normal for the council to carry out a major public consultation before any planning application has been made.
      • That evening it was dark early, which was normal for the time of year.
      • This, the local staff informed me, is quite normal for volunteers.
      • It was an ugly scene and that's not normal for an American team.
      • However, fishing is slower than is normal for the time of year as June is normally one of the peak periods of the season.
      • It is perfectly normal for your child to develop either a wet or dry cough because most colds are accompanied by a cough.
      • But I think it's more normal for my team to have no success than it is to win two consecutive European Cups.

    • 1.2(of health, behavior)

      (person/development) normal
      • In some cases, children with dominant single gene disorders are born to normal parents.
      • He's just a normal person that probably has a few mental issues he needs to deal with.
      • Take advantage of this quiet mental time to see how normal people live.
      • I can never go out with a girl like a normal guy does because I'm too serious.
      • Doctors say if the surgery goes well she won't need physical therapy and will develop as a normal child.
      • She added he was a normal teenager who showed no signs of his mental health being affected at the school.
      • For example, psychopaths appear not to process emotional content in the same way that normal people do.
      • Each episode deals with the truly absurd ways in which seemingly normal people interact with one another.
      • A photograph compares a normal person's lungs with that of a smoker.
      • We create enclaves of strangeness together, celebrating our individual strangeness and laughing at the poor normal people.
      • They are no less talented compared to physically normal sportsmen.
      • Monomaniacs have trouble sounding like normal people since they only know how to say a few things over and over.
      • Walking around the area I encountered many things that a normal person would never be able to handle.
      • This is not what goes through the minds of normal people.
      • I did what any normal person who wakes in the middle of the night would do.
      • We worry unnecessarily, when normal people wouldn't think twice.
      • My grandfather had refused to put her in a nursing home and continued to interact with her as if she was a normal person.
      • No, they are normal people, but they perceive the world differently, and the key lies in the connection between the body and the mind.
      • He stopped going to work, he stopped pulling himself together to face the week like a normal person.
      • Those with mental illness are no more or no less violent or unpredictable than the so-called normal people.

  • 2

    • 2.1Matemáticas

      (line) normal
      • Unless the radar signal is normal to some surface (extremely low probability) the radar receives no return.
      • In physics, the critical angle is described with respect to the normal line.
      • The hard perturbations in this study caused the trajectory to move in a direction that was normal to the limit cycle.
      • The calibration problem is particularly acute in the z-axis (normal to the surface).
      • Both tensile and compression testing are based on the application of forces normal to the plane on which they act.

    • 2.2Química

      (solution) normal
      • Therefore, 1L of normal saline should be given per hour to start.
      • An infusion of IV normal saline frequently corrects hypotension and increases cardiac output.
      • The probe was rinsed with sterile normal saline between measurements of each raft.