Translation of normative in Spanish:


normativo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnɔrmədɪv/ /ˈnɔːmətɪv/

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    (attitude/approach) normativo
    (attitude/approach) prescriptivo
    normative grammar gramática normativa
    • More frightening, though, was the use of asymmetries of will and of normative behaviour.
    • He is backing a proposal whose purpose is to destroy normative values of behaviour.
    • Borders of lifestyles are specified, rather than normative standards of living.
    • They will expect the author to work toward a normative standard in theory and practice.
    • Thus, with the test, when you buy it, you will get a booklet of normative scores, or norms.
    • The results of this study show that normative pressures of the foot and leg are consistent.
    • As we have seen, the normative expectation is that a wife's primary commitment will be to her husband and her home.
    • The egoist's basic normative judgment is directed not to behaviours, but to his particular end.
    • Power politics would freely degenerate into chaos and violence if there were not normative rules in place.
    • Machiavelli's aim was to give truthful advice, declining to allow normative judgements to interfere.
    • On the contrary, it is driven by power and the quest to annihilate the normative order.
    • So completely normative is this notion of clock-time that everyone in this busy age seems to be run by it.
    • Nowadays Butler appears to confound normative ideals with something more absolute.
    • Thus what they say mutates into the normative truths of a culture.
    • I went in and looked, and paid my respects to a certain normative ideal.
    • Nevertheless, it can and ought to be an essential normative influence in a chaotic world.
    • There is a tension between the interior of the characters and their normative lives.
    • Whether it is normative or not depends largely on whether it will gain wide acceptance.
    • To phrase the first insight simply, deviance will occur because of normative pluralism.
    • However, they contend that the moral/judicial law remains normative for the individual as well as the nation.